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Oct 2, 2012 05:12 PM

Bar Mirabeau/Restaurant Jezebel

Parind Vora's places in the Cirrus Logic building are open and opening soon.

Bar Mirabeau - anyone tried it yet? Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, looks like. Plus a take-out menu.

Restaurant Jezebel - moving to an all prix fixe format and having their grand reopening on 10/31. (Whyyyyy, Jezebel, why on Halloween night? I can get away from family obligations on any other night!) Very much looking forward to some foie gras. Parind will also do some dish creation on the fly. They will be making cocktails and desserts table side, too. Sounds interesting. Hope he has not bitten off more than he can chew!

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  1. i thought jezebel was overrated and his other two places were big bummers. hopefully he learned some lessons, though the menu at looks awfully big to be that good. here's hoping. looking forward to the reports.

    1. jacket required for guys though, which stinks

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      1. re: Rptrane

        I'm glad jackets are required. I am so tired of going to nice restaurants where the women dress up & the guys have on sloppy jeans & a cotton shirt with the shirt tail hanging out. It's not cool, it's lazy.

        1. re: topeater

          sounds like you are jealous woman! i've never understood why the dress of other patrons would bother a diner. I'm more concerned with obnoxious behavior from other patrons, well dressed or not.

        2. re: Rptrane

          Where did you find that info out?

            1. re: ampeg66

              Wow. So very much angst in the comments. I don't know about the jacket thing - Austin is its own little culture, really. I grew up in San Antonio where, believe it or not, things are much dressier, although maybe not so much today. One of my favorite special occasion restaurants there was La Louisianne, where jacket and tie were required and they did have an emergency supply at the door for diners who forgot. I miss their flaming tableside desserts.

              Most of the comments on those links focus on our heat. New Orleans has many dressy and jacket-required places, despite its sultry clime, but it's also a different sort of animal from Austin. I understand what Parind is saying when he talks about days gone by when people used to dress up for occasions, but this is a town that is belligerently casual, even if we can't articulate why. We take pride in telling visitors, "No, pack light - there's not a place you can't go wearing shorts." It will be interesting to see if the policy stands.