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Oct 2, 2012 04:45 PM

Annual MSP trip = 2 dinner recs

Hi everyone -

It's that time of year again: back in MSP for a weekend. I've viewed the threads. And also got a lot of input while out and about there last year.

My distillation of everyone's input at the moment is one dinner at 112 and one at Alma. Is there anything I might have missed that might sway me to switch out 112?

We have never been to Travail, but here's the kicker: we have to have reservations. We're too old and too disinterested in lining up for two or three hours to have dinner. So any restos that don't take rezes won't be considered.

Also, would love a rec for best breakfast of the moment. We've done a great range, but it's always good to know what MSPers are loving at this time. And, as ever, we always get at least one bkfast and/or lunch in at the Graves (where we stay) both because of timing and the perfection of the food and service.

thanks in advance!

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  1. If you've reviewed everything and looked at web sites and have settled on 112 and Alma, no need to veer off course. For breakfast, I'd push you toward brunch at Bachelor Farmer, assuming you're here over a weekend.

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    1. re: Brad Ballinger

      Thanks much for the quick response : ) We've been to about a 1/2 dozen of the top picks for dinner. Alma is a yearly second-of-two dinners (love love), but it's been years since 112 and seems we may need to get back there. Unless I hear otherwise.

      Thanks for BF rec. It is indeed a weekend and we've not been there.

      1. re: holdthecow

        Please note that Bachelor Farmer brunch is Sunday only.

    2. Haute Dish does a great Saturday brunch. That would be my first recommendation for breakfast.

      Plenty of other dinner choices too. For me, I'd go to Saffron (across the street from 112), though both are good choices. Butcher and the Boar is also on fire right now, as far as dinner goes.

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      1. re: BigE

        Thanks BigE.

        We ate at Haute Dish last year. Did enjoy it, altho I recall my dad having such an issue with the amount of salt on his dish that he mentioned it to the waitress.

        I'd reviewed B and the B and it looks like a great place for carnivores : ) I'm a vegetarian, so if anything, Saffron would be a likelier choice. But.... people's comments seem to indicate that 112 is still on its game, and we were thinking last year we should get back there. We've got time for 2 dinners, lunch/brunch on Sunday, and leisurely bkfast at Cosmo before leaving.