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Oct 2, 2012 04:28 PM

reasonable Napa caterer for a large crowd

Planning a casual Sunday afternoon open house memorial for probably 150+ guests. We're not looking for Elaine Bell-type elegant catering -- We're hoping for Market Hall/Rick & Ann's equivalent food that is delicious, isn't fussy, and can be served at room temperature. Ideas?

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    1. re: chefj

      Yes I did--they're either expensive or older reviews.

    2. What is your price range? I'm not familiar with Market Hall/Rick & Ann...

      I've used JuJu's for a pretty inexpensive Mediterranean catering that is not bad at room temperature: dolmas, humus, pita, tabouleh, kefta kebabs, salad, etc...

      Red Rock BBQ is another one I've used, but I'm not sure how your guests would feel about room temperature BBQ (they do provide burners for the meats).

      1. Do you have a venue, or do you need a place for 150+? ANd what's the date of your event? You mentioned that it's a "memorial," so do you mean that you need a caterer for this SUnday?

        1. Knickerbocker's. Tony Knickerbocker is a great guy, does wonderful, casual food. Sounds perfect for this function. His food has great flavors.