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Oct 2, 2012 04:26 PM

Fogo De Restaurant Week

I generally am not a fan of RW. Poor selections + poor presentation =poor value. Was told that Fogo di Choa (sp?) was participating and am a fan of the place. Love their salad and if you pick carefully, meat can be tasty.

Does anyone know if they switch things up during RW or limit the items they serve? This girl needs to know.

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  1. is the menu. They do not mention limiting the selection of the meats, and dessert is included in the price. I would say unless they cut off the time for the meal that from a value stand point you are saving substantially.

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      It is actually FOGO DE CHAO. ( and pronounced foh-goh di sha-un ). OK, it's close enough.

      The meat quality is the best there is for this type of restaurant ( Churrascaria ), in North America, or Brasil ( where it is very expensive at the moment at R$ 200,00 per person ). My wife and I ate at the original in Sao Paulo 20 years ago, and it remans consistently good everywhere.

      They usually do something special during occasions like RW. Bring your appetite, and eat early in the afternoon, with a Caipirinha or two.

    2. During my previous experience at FdC RW, nothing seemed to change. I gthink it's a great value, but I've been too full to eat dessert. They will let you get it "to go".

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        Awesome; thanks. And thanks for clarifying the spelling Swissaire. Was drawing a blank and feeling too lazy to look it up :)

        Our reservation is for Monday. Will report back on our meal.

        1. re: Misha

          Look forward to reading your report.

          Remember that a Churrascaria is all you can eat. The servers will continue to bring you meat selections until you say enough ( " Basta, or Chega "). Or turn the little red and green salt shaker block on your table, over from green to red.

      2. I love Fogo de Chao. I am a serious carnivore and so usually focus on the meat, however the pao de chao are seriously addictive and others really enjoy the salad bar. I would highly recommend it! In comparison to a traditional steakhouse, the meat seems to be a little lower quality, but the experience and the variety is what brings me back everytime and it has never disappointed.