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Oct 2, 2012 03:57 PM

Le Cirque, Guy Savoy or

Wanting a deluxe French meal and need help deciding which of these to go with. Suggestions?

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  1. I've dined at all three restaurants. My vote is for Le Cirque. Their new chef is doing amazing things; service and decor are wonderful too! Twist and Guy Savoy are tied for most "underwhelming and expensive" dinners in LV. Wouldn't return to either of them (even if I wasn't paying for dinner). You should also consider Joel Robuchon at The Mansion, but the cost of dinner will be 2X the cost of dinner at Le Cirque (not 2X better than Le Cirque though).

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      Appreciate your thoughts. I'd have to say Le Cirque has jumped to top of my list.

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        Hi - I'm a once-in-a-while Las Vegas visitor (including next month), but I'm curious if you or anyone else has an informed opinion as to how Le Cirque in Las Vegas compares to Le Cirque in New York, which received a 1-star and mostly unflattering (and wholly accurate, in my opinion based on being dragged there on someone else's dime once last year) review in the NY Times recently.

        And its completely subjective, but for what its worth to the original poster or other researchers reading these posts, I have a healthy skepticism of multi-course European extravaganzas in the desert (and $500pp+ dinners generally), but to my pleasant surprise the meal I ate at Guy Savoy last November exceeded all of my expectations and felt like a relative "value" (quotes a necessity in this case) considering the cost of flying to Paris for comparably superb contemporary French cuisine bought in euros at their 3-Michelin-starred sister restaurant (whose chefs work in rotations to the LV restaurant, I was told by my beguiling Russian-but-vaguely French-sounding model/server).

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          I'm not a fan of Le Cirque NYC, and it's a shame since it's so near to my office. In all of my previous visits (with the exception of a RW dinner this past January), while I found the food very good, I could never get past the coldness of the service. At my RW dinner this past January, both the food and service were very good. Seriously, Sirio needs to train his staff at Le Cirque LV, I've dined at Le Cirque LV four times in the past 10 years (3 times solo), and I've loved all of my dinners. Their new chef, Gregory Pugin, is from Veritas in NYC, where one of the regulars of our Manhattan board (RGR) loved his food. I read that Le Cirque NYC is now searching for a new chef as a result of the negative review from the NY Times.

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            Thanks for the insight...maybe I'll give LC LV a shot next month. Cheers.

      2. Of these three, I would agree: it's Le Cirque!

        1. Haven't been on this board in years, but came here with the exact question! Just made my res @ Le Cirque. Thanks!

          1. How is it that Robuchon gets left off these lists? The price for the 6 course ar JR is similar to that at any of the others and the service, food, and experience are probably superior in all ways on most days.

            For French in Vegas, Robuchon > Twist = Savoy > L'Atelier > Le Cirque.


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              FWIW, please note my reply began, "Of these three . . . "

              OTOH, the last meal I had at L'Atellier de JR -- my 5th or 6th visit overall -- was disappointing. But I've not eaten at the "main" JR, and so cannot comment on it.