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Where can I find ground dark meat turkey?

I have a recipe that calls for it. I checked ralphs and vons and only saw ground turkey breast.


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  1. Vicente Foods in Brentwood will grind it for you.

    1. Any decent butcher can grind it for you. Whole Foods and Puritan at Farmer's Market grind chicken in house.

      It makes a huge difference.

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        I haven't gone yet. I may end up doing this.

      2. Gelson's always carries the excellent Sheldon Farms ground dark meat turkey. They also carry Sheldon Farms ground white meat turkey as well so look around.

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        1. Most grocery carry it as JennyO brand. I usually get it from Ralph's or get a 4 pack from Costco. Smart and Final also carries it.

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            just know, that the Jenny O brand of turkey is never 100% pure turkey.
            i've called them and asked.

              1. re: LuluTheMagnificent

                they wouldn't say.
                i was cooking dinner for someone on kidney dialysis.
                i called jenny O and told them that my guest's doctor said that a certain amount of PLAIN turkey seasoned only with herbs was ok.
                i asked them if they sold ANY turkey products that would meet these criteria and they told me that NONE of the turkey they sell is additive-free and that NONE of it would be appropriate for someone who was limited to plain turkey.

                  1. re: westsidegal

                    I wonder if there is any commercially produced ground turkey that would meet that standard?

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                      Exactly. Unless you grind it yourself, I don't think any ground meat would be 100% meat. The JennyOf package says right on the front "Ground Turkey with Natural Flavorings".

                      1. re: boogiebaby

                        That normally refers to the skin and other bits of the bird that get ground along with the dark meat.

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                        dunno the answer to your question, but i do know that the jennyO folks said that even the turkey that they sell that is not ground contains additives.

              2. The Ranch 99 Markets have ground turkey.

                1. Have you tried Lindy & Grundy on Fairfax? Awesome butchers.

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                    Love them , but have never seen ground turkey there. Perhaps they will grind it for you if they have turkey parts available, but I somehow think they only carry turkey around the holidays, if at all. And they are way expensive compared to any grocery store that carries it retail.

                  2. Most grocers' "ground turkey" is some substantial percentage of dark meat; it's darker, fattier, and tastier than ground turkey breast...

                    1. PC Greens grinds Diestel turkey

                      1. The frozen varieties (as opposed to the meat case) are generally dark meat. All stores should have the frozen chubs.

                        1. Ok, thank you all for the replies. I will look again tomorrow. I thought the Jenni -O was white meat?

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                            JennyO sells both ground turkey breast as well as regular (dark) turkey. It should tell you on the package.

                            1. re: LuluTheMagnificent

                              any ground turkey that isn't specifically marked 'breast' is primarily dark meat.