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Oct 2, 2012 03:53 PM

Herb-encrusted Dried Salami

No sooner do we find a local (western suburbs) grocery store that carries this than they discontinue it..vexing!

I'm looking for a store that reliably stocks a small (tube? what do you call it??) of dried salami, about 12 oz, I guess, that's covered on the outside in herbs.

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  1. I've seen what your'e looking for, but can't tell you where. I'd give Broder's Cucina in South Minneapolis a call.

    1. Give Fresh and Natural a call. They once had herb covered, naturally fermented salami. I think it's called Primo. I haven't been to Fresh and Natural for a while. They also carried in to the coops at one time. Whole foods had it also. I'd just call a few places.

      1. I've seen this in Cub Foods (though not lately), Kowalski's on Grand (St. Paul), and pretty sure at Byerly's (Suburban Ave.). The Columbus Salame Web site says SuperTargets carry their products -- they carry some -- though I don't think I've seen the herb salami there lately.

        It's also possible that a store that carries some of the line will special-order you a case. That should be 12 chubs, which could last a while. Or not, if you REALLY like it. :)

        1. Not sure about the Whole Foods here, but the one is NJ had an excellent dried salami and choice of herbs or cracked pepper on the outside. And since we're talking Italian. Any great Italian grocery stores in the area?

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            I don't know as "great" is the word I'd use in the Twin Cities relative to Italian markets I've visited elsewhere in the U.S. But I'd say the best Italian grocery here, considering the variety of products sold (freshly-made and imported) is Cossetta's near downtown Saint Paul. I don't know what will change with the retail in the new store (and probably won't get to find out, but that's another post). The other two I can think of which are good but small are Buon Giorno's down in Inver Grove Heights and Broder's near 50th & Penn in Edina. None of these stores hold a candle to the variety of products sold in the typical Asian grocery on University Avenue, nevermind a Shuang Hur or United Noodle.

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              Briannos in Burnsville is pretty good, also. It's small, but good.

              1. re: steve_in_stpaul

                Buon Giorno is actually in Lilydale and Brianno's is in Eagan.

            2. France 44 has had it, and you can sample it before you buy as well.