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Oct 2, 2012 02:16 PM

Arby's is now fresh!

Looks like Arby's is getting a makeover and is going to be stressing its "freshness"

From the Huffington Post:


In March, Klein decided to make the fresh slicing the centerpiece of his first full ad campaign for Arby's. The results of that decision, and the work he and his team have done in the last seven months, were revealed this week and are visible in the videos embedded above and below. Like a recent ad series by Pizza Hut, they're quite explicit about the contrast with Subway.

The ad campaign is just one facet of a broader effort to revive Arby's, which private equity firm Roark Capital bought from Wendy's for just $130 million in June 2011, after several years of double-digit sales declines at the stores. The chain recently got a new logo and is currently, like several of its peers, experimenting with new store designs. It introduced its first-ever hot roasted turkey sandwich this past month.

The central goal of these changes is to encourage the most enthusiastic Arby's customers, who Klein puts in a category he calls "Modern Traditional," to eat there more often. Right now, about 20 percent of Arby's customers visit the chain at least six times a month -- generating two-thirds of the company's sales.

You wouldn't think that you'd be able to get this core customer to come any more often than that. But research shows that these same customers actually eat out 40 to 50 times per month, including at Subway, so Klein is confident that a canny marketing strategy can increase that number significantly.


Read the full thing here:

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  1. WTF kind of Newspeak is "Modern Traditional?" Is that like "Contemporary Retro?" Or is it more like "Cutting Edge Baroque?" Because if it's not baroque, don't fix it.

    Seriously, if stale beef bologna doesn't appeal to me, freshly sliced bologna isn't either. It's like the difference between vomiting a little and vomiting a lot. They're both nasty.

    1. Jeez, marketing. Is there any other human endeavor that creates so little actual value? Well, other than entertainment value that is. It would be hysterical if Arby’s is brave enough to show close-ups of the actual meat product being sliced in slow-motion in their new ad campaign. Some nice, glistening close shots of that strangely porous meat sponge would be an exceptional example of corporate honesty.

      Actually I like eating at Arby’s, I just don’t make the mistake of lifting the bun. Slather some horseradish mayo on top of that processed meat and a multitude of sins are covered over. Shit, I think I talked myself into eating there for dinner. Well done, Arby's marketing team.

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      1. re: RealMenJulienne

        I predict that after the abysmal results of this campaign, their next will involve selling the "artisinal" quality of their beef, hand-carved by gnomes in the Black Forest. Either that, or they'll stress their "locally sourced," "organic" Cheez-Wiz, harvested by simple, unassuming mom & pop Wiz farmers, just like in the old Norman Rockwell paintings.

      2. Their new logo is absolutely horrible. At least the old logo had some character.
        Their roast beef, well, is thoroughly a factory product.

        1. Their new Turkey rueben on marble.rye was really good..

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          1. re: Beach Chick

            I thought I ordered this today but apparently I got the regular reuben instead. It was not particularly good at all and 600 calories. I can't say I expected much (and should have walked right by it to Newk's, a fairly small SE chain) but now I'm officially done with Arby's.

          2. Going after Subway's customer base is a smart move. If they would upgrade the quality of their meat (granted, I have not eaten there in over 10 years) the chain could see a resurgence.

            If I'm not mistaken, Arby's used to serve real roast beef. At least, that's what it seemed like when I was a kid.