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Oct 2, 2012 02:07 PM

Kansas City for two days

I am looking for a great restaurant in country club plaza to take clients to lunch(nothing too fancy or formal, no chains) and then a great place for dinner anywhere in the Kansas city area. i will have a car and like to try the fantastic local places.

A second lunch option would be great too!


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  1. I am not from KC. Just a visitor. For your CC Plazaa, my two picks would be Jack Stack which is BBQ, but a pretty nice place (for BBQ joints), or Houston's. Houston's may be a chain but it is a nice place and not "chainlike". They serve some of the best cocktails in the plaza with hand squeezed juices, etc. Not the makings of a chain.
    Also, for a casual burger place that is fun,Blanc Burgers + Bottles.

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    1. Gram and Duns gastropub might fit your bill. Also Starkers is always an excellent choice for dining in the Plaza.

      Two places come to mind for your dinner. Either Bluestem or The Rieger Hotel Grill & Exchange and if you have time don't miss Port Fonda for some incredible upscale Mexican.

      1. If the weather continues to be so nice, go to Cafe Trio for appetizers on the patio. Great people watching and fun cocktails. Love the Berkshire pork appetizer, the tuna, and the brie.

        1. Again, if the weather co-operates, for a lunch I recommend the outdoor patio at Aixois (southern french theme) in Crestview/Brookside - it's just a little north of the Plaza.

          1. If your guests are not from Kansas City and you want to give them an upscale BBQ experience then Jack Stack is a great choice. It isn't the best BBQ in the city but it is decent and upscale enough for a business lunch.

            If your clients are local and aren't looking for "Kansas City barbecue", then Gram and Dun is a terrific choice.