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Oct 2, 2012 01:50 PM

Top 5 dishes portland area

What dishes do you crave and lust after the second you leave the resturant?

Please list your top 5 and which resturant serves it.

Must be a dish served in a resturant, your mother does not count.

Must be a dish served in a resturant in portland oregon on within 20 miles of pioneer square.

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  1. EVERYTHING at Tanuki
    Khao Tod Naem Kook at Chiang Mai
    Burmese Red Pork Stew at Tasty & Sons
    Rajas con crema at Mi Mero Mole
    Bistecca alla Fiorentina at Nostrana

    I could probably go for a good 5 more...

    1. No particular order

      1. Ken's special sandwich at Kenny and Zukes. Yes Katz's meat is softer and less dry but I like Ken's combination and increased spices.

      2. Squid Ink Pasta with hazelnuts, anchovy syrup & egg yolk at Toro Bravo.

      3. Apizza Amore at Apizza ascholls

      4. Grilled tongue slices at Yuzu

      5. Spicy pork noodles at Du Kah Bee

      Guess 5 is very hard.

      1. Khao Tod Naem Kook at Chiang Mai
        Tartuffo Pizza (add fresh basil) at Apizza Scholls
        Shortrib Terrine at Ox
        Brasied Lamb pasta at Toro Bravo
        Shredded Noodle Soup at HaVL

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        1. re: RichardBreadcrumb

          Burmese Red Pork Stew at Tasty & Sons
          Ha VL's tumeric noodles
          Amatriciana at Apizza Scholls
          Luce’s cappelletti in brodo soup
          Pok Pok’s Ike’s Chicken Wings or Nong's Chicken Rice...can't decide, so both stay on for now

        2. Fun topic! Can tourists play too? Here are some things I crave and lust after from afar that make me want to book my next trip ASAP:

          Burgers at Cafe Castagna, Gruner and Matchbox (full sized versions are the best, and CC gets extra points for delightful fries). You people are so lucky, burger-wise.

          Cinnamon orange glazed Danish at Nuvrei (not technically a dish but it's perfection in a pastry for me)

          lamb rillette at Ned Ludd (and I'm not even a big lamb fan)

          cured tuna from Racion (this had better be on their permanent menu at the bricks and mortar)

          skate sandwich from Evoe (down to the precisely toasted bun, this sandwich is haunting my dreams).