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Oct 2, 2012 01:43 PM

Arepas in dfw?

So I visited Venezuela in the spring and fell in love with these corn cakes called arepas. They are corn cakes made from masa dough. They can be eaten plain, stuffed with cheese and meats also. Very scrumptious!

I guess its almost like a thick version of a traditional gordita. Having more of "cake" texture to the dough.

Has anyone came across any in dfw? Or know where to get the best thick corn cake gorditas?

I would love to get my fix without having to go back to Venezuela hehe.

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  1. Arepas are made from a special pre-cooked corn meal called Masarepa or Masa para arepas. Some of the Carnival Food Stores used to carry it but I haven't seen it in a couple of years. The Fiesta Makets might have it.

    I don't know where you can get arepas locally. I learned to love them when I lived in Caracas.

    1. Either El Portal in Carrollton at Marsh and Trinity Mills or Casa Vieja on Beltline @ Josey. Both are actually Colombian but will suffice for the arepa cravings. I like El Portal more because it is a bakery first so the almojabanas are excellent there.

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        OmgI love you guys! Thank you both so much!

        Happy eating!

      2. Zaguan in Uptown has them. They also serve Cachapas which are somewhat similar but the corn cake is sweet.

        1. There is also Sol de Luna Restaurant right next to TCU in Fort Worth. They have awesome Arepas!

          1. La Duni on McKinney has arapas and many other Central and South American foods.