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Oct 2, 2012 01:05 PM

Searching for smooth sided half pint Mason jars to etch (first foray into crafting)

I know that others have posted for suggestions on where to find Mason jars for canning and whatnot. I'm looking for about 50 smooth sided Mason jars. That rules out the Ball and Kerr jars that you can find just about everywhere. Other than resorting to mail order is there anyplace in SF (preferably) where I can find these? Thanks!

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    1. Anywhere else? Looking for something other that what Micheal's carries. Has anyone gone to the TriMark Restaurant Supply for canning supplies, or do they just do commercial retail?

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      1. re: elNopalero

        Are you looking for real Mason jars strong enough for high pressure canning or just something that looks like a Mason jar but isn't really? If the latter, Walmart sells a housebrand of canning jars that are plain and not embossed. However, they are reported to break when you boil them. Would be fine for decorative purposes, I guess, just don't try to can in them. Don't where the closest Walmart to the City would be . . .

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Thanks for the tip. Hit up a few Wal-Marts. Apparently not all of them carry canning jars year-round. They had 16 oz. jars that lacked all the charm and appeal of Kerr/Ball jars. It's either a lost cause or the quest continues!