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Oct 2, 2012 12:32 PM

an other NYC weekend eating itinerary

i would love to hear what everybody has to say about itinerary ups and downs, thoughts and opinions are more than welcome

31 of oct le bernardain (one of our favorites, we always go back)
1 of nov atera , any comments?
2 of nov corton first time going there....
3 of nov EMP (havent been there since they change the menu about 8 months ago)
4 of nov no idea yet is a sunday....any recommendations are more than welcome
5 of nov my plane leaves around 11 pm, so im thinking of going to PUBLIC for an early dinner

thanks in advance for all the help and info

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  1. note that EMP will be serving dinner only on Nov 3!

    1. No Italian - add Ai Fiori, del Posto, Babbo, Marea
      No Sushi - add 15 East or ichimura at brushtroke or Kyo-ya
      No Asian - Add a David Chang restaurant or Red Farm

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      1. re: thegforceny

        tahnks for the feedback
        Pizzajunkie what you are saying sounds kind of crazy since i have the confirm reservation for the 3 @930pm direcly from EMP, any idea where you read/heard it ?
        also for italian we are planning lunch at bar pitty, nice place good food, might do japanes for sunday good idea thanks

        1. re: super_al

          Pizzajunkie wrote there is DINNER ONLY, which I take to mean no LUNCH (on Sunday the 3rd)

          Granted, I don't see the point in him writing that, but you are eating DINNER, therefore you're fine.

          1. re: thegforceny

            thanks for clearing that up, now that i read it again, i its clear........

            1. re: super_al

              I'm a she, and I wrote it just in case the OP was trying/planning for a lunch res. I was the first to respond, thus I didn't have the benefit of knowing that the OP had a dinner res already.
              Also, Nov 3 is a Saturday. Furthermore, I don't see how the OP could already have a reservation for Nov 3 at EMP, because the date to call for that reservation would be October 6, which has not yet passed.