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Oct 2, 2012 12:09 PM

fishmarket that will cook lobster for me

Is there a fishmarket or supermarket in north Toronto, Vaughan, or Markham where I can buy a few live lobsters, will cook them for me, and also remove the meat from the tail and claws?

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  1. I am not sure about the meat removal but I have seen Metro advertise they will steam a lobster for you while you shop. I think Loblaws and Bigger Sobeys will do the same.
    Just call the metro closest to you and find out if they provide this service at that location.

    1. Most Loblaws will steam for you. They will not remove the meat. They charge $1 per pound extra.

      1. If you happen to be near Scarborought, you can't go wrong with Diana's seafood. Great advice, superb seafood and they'll boil the lobster for you. Won't shell it because the meat would dry out and get rubbery.

        1. Thanks for all the replies to my question. I will check out those places.

          Some more questions:

          Is there much difference in taste/texture if the lobsters are boiled vs steamed?And how long should they be cooked for so they don't rubbery?

          I plan to use the meat to make some mini lobster rolls. How much meat (in cups) would I get from say a 1 pound lobster?

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            Lobsters should be steamed (which Diana's does incidentally...ooops) to prevent rubberyness

            1. re: chungry1

              Steaming is preferable but I've done it both ways and I have never had a rubbery lobster. So if you don't have a lobster steamer I wouldn't worry about it. Most recipes say 20 minutes but really once they are red they're done. Lobster is incredibly easy to cook, I've never screwed it up and I'm a lousy cook.

            2. re: bluejeans

              To get 1/2 lb of meat you need a minimum 1-1/2 lb lobster. The lobsters when on special at Loblaws and RCSS are around 1.25 to 1.3 lb, which I feel are too small to be worth buying given how much of the lobster has to be discarded. At Diana's you can get larger lobsters and you can specify what size lobster you want, say 1.5 or 2 lb, as they are kept in separate tanks.

              1. re: bluejeans

                A good way to steam two lobsters is in a pressure cooker. I use about an inch of water, and when the lobsters are in and the pressure is up, I give them about 7 minutes in the pc. I am fond of this way because the lobsters are easily dispatched, and the live steam at 250 F really penetrates and yields a firm, hot lobster without excess, dripping water..

                1. re: jayt90

                  City Fish Market on Dufferin always has a great fish selection, including lobster - and will steam them for you. This is my favourite fish market in the city, they are really great there.

                  City Fish Market
                  2929 Dufferin St.
                  Toronto, ON