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Oct 2, 2012 11:13 AM

Big Group from Los Angeles/Ireland/France (We can say "yum" in 5 languages)

My in-laws from Ireland and France are meeting us in San Francisco for a week and then we are all driving down to Los Angeles. There will be 10 of us + my two toddlers. Having spent way too much time reading this board this morning and yesterday, I realize that I'm looking for good food that meets really specific criteria:

1. someplace that can fit all of us without a long wait (see toddlers)

2. food that may not be as good in LA, where we'll be spending a week. I don't mean to start a flame war but LA has plenty of good Chinese (all regions), Korean, Mexican, and South American (Mo-Chica is a current favorite of mine). From what I've read, it seems Italian is getting hot in San Francisco. I will admit we do not have a lot of good Italian and only 1 or 2 good pizza places. I already plan to go to the Ferry Bldg as we do not have something comparable in LA.

3. reasonably priced--about $40 a person for our splurge meal and preferably less than $20 per person for regular meals. These people have already spent $$$$ to get over here and 1/2 of the crowd are students...

We are staying near 24th and Judah St. so have access to the MUNI. Any help is much appreciated!

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