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Lobster Roll In Austin

A co-worker of mine is leaving next week to see the fall colors of New England and she started talking about lobster rolls, hoagies, subs and grinders. Having lived in that area for a number of years I began to wax nostalgic at the thought of a lobster roll with those big chunks of tail and claw meat and the smooth tasty mayo. Anything like that available here in Austin?

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    1. re: ieathereforeiam

      Totally agree. Went to the new location on . The buns were perfect New England style with that Super soft texture.

    2. Perlas has them as well.

      1. Both Dock and Roll and Perlas make an outstanding Lobster Roll. I love them both. Never having one in New England, I can't offer a comparison though. I can say that the guys at Dock and Roll are wonderful and engaging and their roll is about half the price but... It is a trailer and you enjoy the picnic table on the side of the road, which I don't mind at all. Perlas is a fun restaurant, full bar with very good oysters to start with. I've been to Perla's twice and Dock and Roll several times in the past year and a half. You won't make a mistake either way.

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          Dock and Roll is opening a second location near Hwy 71 on RR 620. I love their Lobster Rolls and will keep trying to try their other, very intriguing sandwiches... Hard to choose something other than the lobster one, though. The Vietnamese and Cuban style both look great.

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            Oooh yum. I assume it's going in that little trailer park a little north of Bee Caves Rd on 620?

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              Sounds right. FB post: 3595 Ranch Road 620 located at the traffic light for Home Depot, about one mile from the intersection of Highway 71 and Ranch Road 620.

              They open Wednesday, February 6th.

        2. I like the Dock and Roll lobster roll as well. However, they don't use Maine lobster. I was chatting them up last time I was there and they said they use something called a "slipper lobster." I had never heard of that, but online it looks mostly tail and not claw. Either way, they make a solid lobster roll and it is quite tasty...certainly filled my craving.

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            That makes sense about the price difference then. Perla's price seems outrageous at first (like $25ish?), but that's pretty much the same I've paid anywhere else. A LOT of lobster goes into one of those sandwiches.

            I'll have to try Dock and Roll's... I'll second Perla's being outstanding.

            1. re: popvulture

              just returned from cape cod, where we feasted on many a lobstah dish.
              rolls go for $15-$20, depending on where you go (and how big it is).
              so perla's may be pricey for an austin entree, but not for this particular dish in this locale.

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                Perla's roll was $30 this weekend. I thought it was not as good as the $18 lobster roll at 20 Feet in Dallas. Loved the cream of celery heart and crab soup with dill.

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                  i am sorry for the fans of Clark's and Perla's - they will happily send you a $25 - 30 a pop lobster roll not more stuffed, not more fresh, not with better buns, than the 14 dollar version at Garbo's.

            2. Already a quick 6 years ago my lady and I did an anniversary lobster roll tour up the coast of maine and westward to Moosehead lake for a few days en route to a family lakeshore gathering with freshly caught (that morning no less) steamed lobsters. Along with those dipped in drawn butter and fresh picked pan sautéed spring morel mushrooms in Indiana, the lobster roll at Dog House In in Newport Maine is in a three way tie for best thing I've ever eaten. So I'm reluctant to try them here, but sounds like I must. Oh, and that gorgeous roll was 8 bucks, stuffed to the gills lightly dressed with good lettuce, a touch of mayo, some celery seed, and nothing else. And was served on those Maine type hot dog buns that look like two slices of wonder bread fused on one side. dreamboat !!

              1. I saw a new Lobster Truck is up and running in Austin called Garbo's. Anyone check it out yet? How does it compare to Dock and Roll?

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                  Never been to Dock and Roll, but the Garbo's trailer just came to my office park. I got a half CT roll and a generous cup of chowder for $10. You can get a whole roll, a side, chips and a drink for $16. Obviously, the portions aren't huge - it is lobster. The people were nice, but the price point is a bit high for most office-types for lunch. Even though my half roll was really small, it was good. They use rolls from Sweetish Hill. I had to remember to savor each bit of lobster. It was served cool, not cold or warm, and the lobster was very tender.

                  1. re: rudeboy

                    I'd love to hear from someone who has tried both Garbo's and Dock and Roll..

                    1. re: Rene

                      I've tried them both and I give the edge to Garbo's. Their roll is better (D&R's seemed much doughier and kind of fell apart) and the lobster are bigger, more savory bites.

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                        I would give the large edge to Dock & Roll. We tried Garbo's today and, while the lady who owns the place is very, very nice and fun to talk with, the lobster was practically flavorless and watery and I also prefer the bread at Dock & Roll. The sides were meh... I did like the topochico and the clam chowder but even so, I can't justify $37 (including tip) for this lunch. Will definitely give it another chance, though, as it may have been an off day and I love a good lobster roll. My next one will be from Dock & Roll or Perla's....

                        1. re: Rene

                          Tried Garbo's and was not blown away. There was plenty of lobster, big chunks of claw meat, but not much by way of seasoning and a roll that seemed dry. Nothing like a New England hot dog roll.

                2. I hit up Garbo's on Monday for the first time and Heidi served me a Maine roll on a fresh baked (that day) somewhat untraditional but very good Sweetish Hill roll with lettuce, a trace of celery and celery seed, overly light mayo, and a good fair portion (for 14 bucks) of very sweet, fresh, cold lobster meat (not all claw). Having crawled through Maine after researching the best lobster rolls in the state (see lobstergal.com) on various sites I must admit an obsession with these sandwiches. Heidi even responded to my review on another site that same night and said next time please ask for more mayo. I will. Her roll nonetheless was fantastic even if the bread wasn't up to traditional snuff. The chowder was the best I've tasted, but admittedly I'm not an educated NE Clam Chowder aficionado. Cant' wait to try the Connecticut style (butter + tarragon) roll. Paying more than double this for Perla's or Clark's seems silly except for the fact there are chairs and servers. Back of my truck bed works just fine for 16 dollars off and probably a better product than any other in town.