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Oct 2, 2012 10:12 AM

Great Chinese in Charlotte or Asheville?

Is there any such thing as a great Chinese restaurant anywhere near Charlotte or Asheville? We've been looking a while, but honestly, PF Changs is the best we can find - almost every place seems to be one of those horrible all-you-can eat buffets. A friend from Charlotte told us recently that the Shun Lee Palace was great, but reviews on Yelp seem to indicate that it was sold in 2011 and is no longer good. We live in Morganton, and are willing to drive!

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  1. Dim Sum (that's the restaurant name) in Charlotte is excellent. On weekends they offer dim sum (the food). If you do a search on here you'll find several threads discussing Chinese food in Charlotte. Charlotte also has several excellent Vietnamese restaurants, if that's of any interest.

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      Dim Sum is one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in Charlotte. They actually offer dim sum every day but on the weekends they have the push carts.

      My friends that are Chinese also really like Great Wall and JoJo China Bistro but we rather go to Dim Sum when we can.

    2. Unless there is something new opened, there is zip in Asheville. For a great food town that is one area which is a great big gap.