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Oct 2, 2012 08:56 AM

Solo bar dining near Lincoln Center

Any place in the area (within 10 blocks) where I can get a good early (pre-8pm) dinner at a bar/counter? I'd prefer something not super formal or expensive...under $30 for food only. When I'm in the area I usually grab a bite at Epicerie Boulud but I'd prefer a place where I can actually sit down. Any kind of cuisine is ok.

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  1. Yakitori Totto
    Katsu Hama
    Cafe Luxembourg for burgers and fish and chips
    Salumeria Rosi for small plates

    RedFarm should be opening soon in the former Fatty Crab space.

    Also, Marcus Samuelsson just opened American Table in the lobby of Alice Tully Hall. Here's the menu:

    1. Indie Food and Wine. No bar/counter but you could sit comfortably at a table. I would think this would be at least as good as bar/counter.*

      * Edit: Actually, there is a counter. Faces West 65th St; good people-watching

      1. Bar Boulud, obviously -- it's my go to place for pre-opera meals.
        Cafe Luxembourg -- that's my second choice.
        Indie Food and Wine

        1. Salumeria Rosi is nice. You can have a glass of wine and some Italian snacks and meats.