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Sweet dreams at our deluxe Chocolate Bar @ The Langham

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Has any chowhounders tried the deluxe chocolate bar?

Is it worth while for $40?

Or is the Deluxe Sunday Brunch better!


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  1. I have experienced it at a wedding several years back. If you love chocolate (and can eat a ton of it in one sitting) it's great. That said, I can't see myself going back and spending 40$ for just chocolate items. I would rather have a buffet that includes some desserts and a lot of other foods (personal preference).

    1. It's apples and oranges, really - the Sunday brunch is nearly $60 (!) but offers many savory, protein-rich options. You can certainly make a proper meal of it, while still getting some sweets.

      The chocolate bar is sweets, sweets, and more sweets. I've been several times, and it's fun, but it is a serious all-sweets pig-out.

      1. Have you ever eaten what you considered to be $40 worth of chocolate desserts? Better to just create your own AYCE chocolate experience. Even with expensive components like LA Burdick you won't likely hit $40 before feeling full.

        1. I went many years ago, and thoroughly enjoyed a number of the creations. The best? I thought the vanilla crème brûlée rocked the house, go figure. Maybe I had od'd on chocolate!

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            I love chocolate and good desserts But I know what you guys are saying...how much dessert and chocolates can I eat before being nauseated? I probably would have to not eat the day before to make it fully enjoyable even! Who knows!

            It's not $40 its $80 since I won't be going by myself! Like who goes by them self!

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              I'm guessing the only people truly equipped to eat >$40 of chocolate desserts are probably also the ones who would go by themselves.

          2. If I had to choose I would do the Sunday brunch at the Langham. You also want to set aside a few hours. It's a wonderful event with plenty of room between tables. You can relax and there's no rush to leave.

            1. We did this many years ago. It was somewhat cheaper then but the point with this isn't value but going overboard on chocolate and chocolate-including desserts. If you plan it out and arrive hungry and remind yourself it's only one meal and I can eat less later, then dive in and see how much of a total sugar high you can achieve.

              Believe it or not, we once went to a kids birthday party there. It was, fortunately, not a huge party. And it was not our child's birthday. We aren't that crazy.