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Oct 2, 2012 08:25 AM

Question from a culinary desert

We live in Flower Mound and have to travel long distances for good ethnic food. Carrollton is closest. Tried FCB yesterday - ordered BBQ Pork soft noodle, walnut shrimp, eggplant with szechuan pork. Noodles are walnut shrimp were pretty good. Eggplant was swimming
in oil. Are there any other dishes anyone would recommend at FCB Carrollton, for the next visit?

I have been reading about paletas (esp mango with chile) and don't want to drive all the way to Oak Cliff to taste them. Has anyone discovered these closer to the Lewisville/Flower Mound/Carrollton area?

I do make the trek to Preston for TJ's seafood occasionally. Rainbow trout, bronzini, salmon, shrimp. It's fresh and expensive. Does anyone know of Chinese/Korean/Vietnamese stores that sell good fish in our area? I have tried H-Mart before, but the fish smells. Not of the ocean.
Actively looking for suggestions of ethnic grocery stores that sell fish (with head and bone preferably, since I add them to curries mostly).


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  1. Re: FCBBQ. Their "walnut shrimp" are great. I'm glad you enjoyed them.

    At FCBBQ, also try their roast duck. The ones hanging in the window at the "chopping block" station. Best in town! Btw, we always order our roast duck DRY. Otherwise, the skin looses it's crispness and the duck is swimming in sauce!

    We also love their shrimp won-ton soup! Also very good, shrimp (or) BBQ roast pork with CRISPY noodle. Make sure you ask for it with "white sauce".

    Their orange beef is also very good as is, their thin crispy fried pork chops.

    They also do great clams with ginger green onion sauce and delicious cheese baked shrimp and, an excellent crispy oyster dish.

    If you like tofu, they have an excellent range of tofu dishes as well.

    We eat there (the original store in Richardson) twice a week. So if you have more questions, don't hesitate to ask.

    And as LH suggest's in his other post, do order the Chinese broccoli with black mushrooms!

    1. Fortunately we are in the same desert!

      The eggplant dish is supposed to be swimming in chili oil as most Sichuan style dishes are. There are many examples of this at Royal Sichuan (Richardson) and Little Sichuan (Plano). Not really the end all of Chinese cooking knowledge but here is a wiki page:

      As for suggestions here is a post of mine that details some dishes I have liked:

      If you are looking for mangonadas that is going to be tough....I don't believe there are any paleterias in Lewisville. I know of just one in Carrollton but it is quite a trek just for a simple dessert. If you must have someone else make them I would have Beth Marie's up in Denton give it a shot. Here is a recipe if you want to give it a go, it is super easy.

      Fish....I buy mine usually at TJ's, Rex's, Central Market, Asia World (Plano - Legacy) or 99 Ranch (Plano - Spring Creek). H-Mart is super spotty and you can forget the Vietnamese stores altogether. I have very good experiences at Asia World and 99 Ranch and buy my seafood almost exclusivley there.

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        Lewisvillehounder and twinwillow, You seem to be interested in ethnic food. I visited a small Indian vegetarian place in Irving today and was curious what you think of it. It's called Rajwadi, located inside Indian Supermarket off Macarthur and Cimarron. Chose Combo # 1 - rice, 2 parathas, one curry (chose rajma - red kidney bean curry) and raita set me back 5.99$ + tax. The paratha was more like a chapati, but I liked it. Not oily and heavy like most places. But, the rest of the meal was unremarkable. It was bird's food - considering the amount and quality of food that money would fetch you at Royal sweets Valley Ranch or Al Markaz. This place will find it hard to compete, I thought.

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          Sorry, I can't help you with this one. I don't shop at a lot of Asian markets. If I did need something Asian, I would probably go to Indo-Pak which is just behind FCBBQ in Richardson. If 99 Ranch was more convenient for me, I'd probably shop there. But, I live in the Uptown area.
          To eat, we like Mughlai on Alfa Road the best.

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            Have not been to Rajwadi...sounds like it is a Gujarati place (veggie only).

            Given that there is a larger population now this place might survive but at that price for just one entree portion I find it hard for them to compete. Even Taj Chaat or the chaat counter inside Subzi Mandi in Irving is a better deal.

            If you like Pakistani food (Al Markaz) then you might like Lal Quila (less greasy) for the Sabri Nihari, Haleem and the naan. BBQ Tonight is also great on Sunday for their brunch spread. If you are looking for cheap and large portions then Apna Grill on Rosemeade and Old Denton is a good choice. Below is the menu:


        2. LewisvilleHounder mentions the fish at 99 Ranch Market here in Plano, but fails to mention they have some that are VERY fresh! Still alive in large aquaria, and the butchers will prep them to your specs. Can't get any fresher.

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            Woops for that!! I just take some things for granted....that is how I bought my snapper recently. they were $3.59 lb for large ones, gutted, scaled and cleaned for no additional charge! It is truly amazing that they devote more than half the back wall to seafood instead of meat!

          2. You should also be aware of Alongi's Italian Market in Flower Mound at 2499 and 3040 over close to iFratelli's


            Denton will also become more appealing once you discover hidden gems like:

            Ravelin Bakery
            Metzlers for Fischers Meat Market (located in Muenster) products and Bayers strudel
            Andaman Thai
            Loco Cafe
            Railroad Taiwanese Restaurant
            Beth Marie's Ice Cream (on the square)

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              I am a regular at Ravelins and have been to Andaman Thai 1-2 times. Excited to try the rest!
              I see a lot of mixed reviews about Alongi's on the Net. What do you like there?

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                At Alongi's only get the eggplant parm if that lady (supposedly from Italy, more like the Bronx) is making it. I have also had good luck with the Italian sausage which I use to mix with my meatballs. The sandwiches are pretty solid but a bit pricey. I also like the pizza if you can get some of the salami they have in the case on it, other than that it is just an okay store.