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Oct 2, 2012 08:18 AM

New Orleans Birthday Trip in Jan 2013

This will be the big 75. A trip built around food and drink. Our quarters will be down town, will have a car but I like to ride the streetcar. We mainly do late lunches and brunches. Happy hours have meanings for me. Deciding on doing this while being able to read the. Menu. Appreciate all the help you can give Johnbliss

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  1. Pick one old school FQ restaurant- Galatoire’s, Antoine’s, Arnaud’s. Travel Uptown to Clancy’s for one dinner. Hit Commander’s Palace for brunch or lunch. Maybe shoot over to one of Emeril’s restaurants- they’re all good. As for happy hour, I like Domenica for 1/2price pizza and 1/2price wine or $.50 oysters and 1/2price drinks at Luke.

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      Well we got here and the food has been great , heading to Commanders tomorrow. Had a great brunch at Coquettes today really an enjoyable experience drove right there which is something for an old fart. Made it back to the Roosevelt for a Ramo's Gin Fizz and they were just as we remembered them 40yrs ago.. We also have been back to Menas glad it is still around. Look forward to 2023.