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Oct 2, 2012 07:54 AM

Compare and Contrast: Cambodian vs Korean fried spicy wings

Has anyone had both the Angkor Wings at a Cambodian place, for example at Simply Khmer in Lowell, and the Bon Chon wings, say in Harvard Square? How do they compare?
I've been drooling over descriptions of Bon Chon wings, but haven't had any yet, but I have had the Simply Khmer Angkor Wngs and enjoyed them a lot. They seem to match the Bon Con descriptions, and I'm wondering if I'm in for a been-there-done-that letdown when I finally get to Bon Chon.......

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  1. i prefer the Simply Khmer wings. I find the Bon Chon wings too sticky sweet (personal preference). Also I think the wing itself is better at Simply Khmer. I also prefer the mom and pop scene at Simply Khmer more than the too hip Bon Chon scene, but then again, i am old. Bon Chon might work better as a beer/shoju snack. Certainly in Korea this combination is popular with places that only serve this.

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