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Oct 2, 2012 07:48 AM

Looking for farm style family dining...

Hi all,
This year i'm trying to avoid spending the day in the kitchen for thanksgiving and thought it would be nice to experience a family dinner at a "farm type" of spot. Pref a place not too far outside of Toronto and not trying to break the bank on it either. Suggestions are appreciated...happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. I've never been, but I've passed by Rose Marie's on Hwy 7 dozens of times. The last few times I've driven to Shakespeare, it's been taking closer to 2 hours from TO due to traffic and construction on the 401.

    I'm guessing there must be places in/near Uxbridge, Stouffville, etc.

    Maybe this place would work.

    1. Ruby Watchco was my first thought. Food served family style, though not at a farm.

      1. The few farms that once did this that I knew are out of the business. I suspect being held to full restaurant facility standards did them all in. The closest I know of is the famed Eigensinn Farm up in Singhampton but it's the ultimate bank-breaker at $300 ++ pp and BYOB unless you're with the OPP. It definitely should be on your bucket list though.

        Up in Headwaters country there's Mrs. Mitchel's in downtown Violet Hill that comes somewhat close, but it can be pricey for some folks. The same with the Globe Hotel in nearby Rosemont. Neither are farms but they are definitely rural with competent cooking and service in a distinctive setting.

        For a real farm dining experience there's Mariposa Farm in Plantagenet, but that's east of Ottawa, about 5 1/2 hours each way from TO. It's a full working poultry farm with an old barn converted into a dining room. They serve their own farm-raised ducks and geese. Fois gras is always a choice. Sadly, they only operate Sundays at mid-day, three courses $40, kids under 12 are $20, and it's BYOB only. It's a unique and memorable experience with excellent food if you are in the area sometime.