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Oct 2, 2012 07:39 AM

Good Chinese food in Staten Island...anywhere?!

My sister -in- law recently moved out to Staten Island and not one good chinese place to be found as of yet. I've looked on the old threads and I haven't found a thing! She is in the Rossville/woodrow area near Hugenaute(sp?). Any suggestions isn't there anything out there?
Another friend told me there are no good Chinese restaurants on SI, common I can't believe it!

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  1. Totally agree, Bonnie. I asked this exact same question in another thread recently. All the more surprising since the Asian population is growing here.

    Someone here suggested Island Garden on Bay near Ft. Wadsworth, but I haven't tried it yet. There was recently an article in the Advance praising a Chinese place in, I think, Eltingville. I haven't been there either, can't find the review online, but I think I clipped it from the paper...maybe I can find it later.

    1. Pho Mac (Vietnamese) on Richmond Ave is at least from the correct continent. If you find passable Chinese, please let us know!

      1. Hey Bonnie, here's the review I was looking for. Not an endorsement from me (haven't been there) but at least some of it sounds intriguing. China Chalet in Eltingville.

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          There are three places in S.I to rummage for authentic Chinese food: the Asian supermarket in the shopping center at the very far end of South Avenue; Pho Mac, mentioned above, which has some Chinese dishes; and the Korean barbecue on Bradley Avenue about five blocks south of the Expressway, which also features some Chinese dishes, including a very good fried rice. However, if you are looking stuff like rice rolls, congee, or soup dumplings, you are out of luck and need to go over the bridge to one of Brooklyn's Chinatowns.

        2. Chef Hong's on Amboy Road in Tottenville is still good. His original restaurant in St. George no longer deserves to bear his name,