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Oct 2, 2012 07:38 AM

Looking for Latin Markets near Warwick, Rhode Island

Coming from MD, where latin foor and markets are ubiquitous, I'm having trouble finding any here in Rhode Island. What I'm particularly looking for is Dulche de Leche. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. There are several Latin markets in the Mt Pleasant area of Providence. The one that I've used for years is on the corner of Academy and Chalkstone Avenues in Providence

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      Thanks so much!! I lived in RI when I was a kid, but moved away. So much has changed since

    2. The Price Rite in Providence also has a wide variety of latin products. Armando's in Pawtucket is a good source for meat.

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        aside from the meat (which *is* nice) though, Armando's does have a pretty good selection of other latino foodstuffs. decent range of produce, a fair bit of frozen stuff and a couple aisles of Latino-focused basics. Likely they have dulce de leche,though I don't specifically remember it being there.

      2. The one mmck mentioned is La Poblana or La Poblanita...can't remember which!

        There are probably a zillion Latin markets in RI! I'd say there are about 8 in the more congested area of Cranston Street in which I live. My go to one is on the corner of Superior and Cranston Street and is totally overpacked and looks like a hoarder's house but pretty much has everything one needs. This particular one is owned and staffed by Dominicans but caters to Mexicans and Guates because of its location,

        There are also dozens on Broad Street and a handful on Elmwood in Prov as well as a dozen plus between Dexter and Broad in Central Falls. Plenty more in other areas of Prov that I don't frequent as well.

        I'm sure you'll find Dulce de Leche somewhere!