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Oct 2, 2012 07:26 AM

Where to eat for working dinner with group of 8 - with people who work on health and food and like to eat!

Staying near convention center in late October... so somewhere not to far. Need to be able to make reservation, and hear each other talk.

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  1. Between close and low noise level makes for a challenge. For close possibly Bon Ton. I've had some business dinners there but usually a 4 top. You would prefer a round table for ease of conversation.

    While not so close I'd think about one of the rooms at Antoine's. That gives you the quiet you want plus privacy and decent food (at least for small meetings I've had there)

    1. A Mano or Rio Mar. A Mano is Italian, Rio Mar is Spanish seafood. Both are excellent. I find A Mano to be quieter.

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        I love Rio Mar but have had problems hearing casual converstions at a table for 6.

        MiLa might be another choice. It is a little further but except for Mr. Hunt's bad evening most people complain that it is too quite.

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          I had occasion to eat at both this weekend--in fact a working dinner at A Mano--and 100% agree with your assessment. I'd go so far as to say the Rio Mar dining room was intolerably loud when only 2/3 full last night. The bar side, however, was quiet and the food fabulous. The wine list at both places was well (and appropriately) chosen and didn't break the bank.