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Oct 2, 2012 06:23 AM

Lunch somewhere between LAX and Santa Barbara?

We are flying into LAX, landing at 11am (Friday) and driving to Santa Barbara via the PCH. I am trying to pick a place to stop for lunch closer rather than farther on our journey as we will be on east coast time. I was thinking PCH highway for the beachiness--Neptune's Net or Malibu Seafood...but the porta potties and table sharking at the former are off putting. Perhaps Malibu Seafood is equally charmless? So then I started looking at things in the Santa Monica area. We are not looking for a multi course meal or a production, just something delicious to kick off five days in Southern California. After perusing CH, things that are appealing: Michael's (patio--love the idea of being somewhat outside, looks covered), Gjelina, Blue Plate Oysterette. Would love to hear an opinion? Do I stick with the seafood shack--the idea is appealing if the food is worth it. Or do we try something in town? How would you start the weekend?

[In SB we are eating at Julienne, Bouchon, Olio y Limone, then we are trying Manhattan Beach Post while in MB.]

Thanks so much for any guidance you can offer.

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  1. I would drive the 2 hours straight to SB...maybe hit up In and Out drive thru for a double double and extra large ice tea..
    I love Santa Barbara/Montecito area and I would want to get up there stat.
    Check in and go have late lunch at the Biltmore, or have one of my fave's at The Chase on State for their sublime calamari picatta..or Super Rica Taqueria..