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panzur in tivoli, ny

bob gaj Oct 2, 2012 06:02 AM

i've been lazy posting about panzur in tivoli. it's spanish-influenced tapas (as opposed to small plates which are popping up all over) mixed in with a few other foods in a restaurant/bar setting.

i've been up there a few times already with other ppl, took my kids up on a tuesday night. they rotate the main part of the menu every few months, but always have food and drink specials. what we had:

bread (they have the cutting machine , bread, etc. that can be viewed from the dining room area).
croquettes with goat cheese and a green "catsup" sauce. other croquettes had ham filling, we didn't get those.
a hamburger (short rib and brisket blend) on brioche bun with fries. i tried a little, the burger was very good. only served tues-thurs and late night on the weekend.
a "coca" flatbread. this had lots of stuff on it - i think it was kale, onion, goat cheese, arugula, potatoes, something else and anchovies. they put the anchovies on the side (b/c of the kids), and the way it was done the kids could pick off the veggie each didn't care for. very good and nice.
a bomba rice dish with ink and cuttlefish(?). the rice and fish were good, but either the oil or the ink (?) or some combination went a little off for me. but overall nice.

i had the red sangria, one of the few places where i'll get a sangria - i really like it.

i deliberately avoided some of the meat/cheese offerings because i sometimes bring jamon serrano or cheeses home. they did have a pate, and i think foie gras dish as well.

other things i've had in the past there, some still on the menu, some not:
beet salad
gambas in a hot garlic oil (with chili peppers in the dish) + bread
pork belly with a cherry glaze
jamon de pato (cut like jamon serrano, but it's duck)
some dried beef appetizer dish
pig ears with yogurt
a migas dish with ham in it
a couple main dishes that i can't remember, but which were solid as well.

and a wide variety of drinks and cocktails; my friend once had a hot pickle shooter (?) with a beer chaser and a whiskey shot? something like that. all good stuff.

anyhow, back to my kids. i've wanted to take them up there for a while, since i saw (chef) rei peraza's blog about wanting kids to eat at his restaurant, and NOT offering the usual chicken nuggets / bland veggies /etc. (http://www.reiperaza.com/2011/06/26/d...) . would have come up last year, but some of my relatives didn't want to venture into the tapas food they were offering, or the kids didn't have time, or we couldn't get up there when they offered special sunday afternoon dishes (ie. fried chicken) + tapas...well, with the burger, i knew we'd have a fallback if the other stuff didn't work out.

we got in on a slow weeknight evening at 530 or so, and kim (wife/owner) came over to talk with us, and then offered the kids a tour of the kitchen area. it's an unusual area because it's literally 'back of house' (as in, a former house that's a restaurant) but the kids were fascinated and excited, and all the people in the back were super nice to them.

oh, and that burger i mentioned? they were so full from the flatbread dish and croquettes that we wound up bringing 1/3 of the burger and fries home with us. but we were all happy.

good food, good drink, good service and good people. what more can you want?

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    bob gaj Feb 17, 2013 03:52 PM

    got back up there with the family this past week on tuesday night! unfortunately, the restaurant was quite vacant, but that's tivoli on a winter weekday evening.

    kim remembered us (esp. my kids; thanks!) and my wife got to experience panzur. end result: she loved it as well. what did we get?

    -> a special salmon crudo (?) with apple puree, rye and something else. i felt like i had a flavor explosion inside my mouth, everything went together perfectly. one of the best dishes i've had anywhere in the past few years, and would easily fit in (in a smaller portion) at one of the "top 100 restaurants in the world" tasting menus.
    -> beet salad. my wife gets this dish when offered at most places, and i got to sneak a bite of a beet. she didn't let me get more than that, she liked it that much.
    -> the flatbread dish had thinly sliced pork belly and a couple other ingredients, and tasted just as good the next day.
    -> kids split burger and fries.
    -> lamb empanda (gift from the kitchen). kids didn't care for the lamb, but they loved the empanada; it was flaky and more of a meal than they'd be used to from the smaller empanadas they've had elsewhere. wife and i thought the lamb was really good in it.
    -> brussel sprouts with bacon and maple, i think? mmm good.

    they also had their steak and chicken on the menu and normal tapas dishes (plus the jamon de pato, serrano, cheeses, etc.) that they've been offereing since they opened.

    anyhow, another standout evening dinner. tivoli's quiet this time of year, but panzur makes it well worth a drive up to the northern end of dutchess county.

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