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Oct 2, 2012 12:35 AM


One week to go for us Canadians. Our neighbours to the South will have to wait.

What's on your vegetarian/vegan menu?

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  1. Not sure yet, (from USA), but I get to host this year and I am so excited!!! My folks are insisting on a turkey, but it's humanely raised, at least.

    I think a butternut squash lasagna would be good. I'd like something with parsnips, definitely some brussels sprouts. Mashed sweet potatoes with chipotle, perhaps? I'm determined to have a delicious, non-boring, no canned cream of mush soup dinner!

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    1. re: callmijane

      A butternut squash lasagna sounds delicious! Do you have a tried and tested recipe?

      I'm curious to see if anyone mentions tofurkey. I tried it one year and really did not enjoy it.

      1. re: trishalikespie

        Basic premise- roast the squash, make a puree (with a little bit of onion). Layer squash, ricotta, bechamel, noodles, and some fontina or gruyere. Spice with lots of nutmeg.

        1. re: callmijane

          Sounds wonderful, thanks! I will have to try it out

        2. re: trishalikespie

          Trish, totally agree about tofurkey.
          I don't care about having a "roast" substitute, so I make sauteed sliced quorn using the same seasonings I would use on turkey or chicken. It's not important to me to have the Norman Rockwell moment of a golden brown something on a platter, and the tofurkey roast is awful.

          1. re: trishalikespie

            I made stuffed shells last yeah with a butternut squash sauce. Sage is also a nice addition with the nutmeg. A pinch of cinnamon adds more sweetness.

            1. re: trishalikespie

              I've made this butternut squash and hazelnut lasagne, which has chunks of squash, bechamel, and fresh mozzarella. It's really wonderful.


              1. re: Caitlin McGrath

                That recipe looks great, thanks for sharing. I like the idea of using hazelnuts

            2. re: callmijane

              Last year we had chipotle sweet potatoes, Brussels sprout hash, homemade cranberry sauce, mushroom stuffing.

              1. re: callmijane

                I recently had a sweet potato that was baked and topped with an amazing chipotle pecan crumble. I'm think Im going to top our mashed sweet potatoes with a similar concoction for thanksgiving.

              2. Oh, I have made some great stuff. A few years ago there was a pumpkin stuffed with roasted vegetables; there was a gravy to go wth it, I think from Gourmet. I made their (totally vegetarian) roasted garlic gravy once too, with mashed potatoes (search Smashed Potatoes with Roasted-garlic Gravy). Also, there was a mushroom and farro pie that I made once, I think also from Gourmet. Search epicurious for these recipes--they are just great.

                then I always make some kind of fresh cranberry sauce. I like to include ginger.

                For dessert: search epicurious for Seckel Pear Tart with Poire William Cream.

                hope this helps!

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                1. re: IndyGirl

                  Question about the stuffed pumpkin: Did you pre-roast the vegetables and then pack them into the raw scooped out pumpkin for further roasting? Or was the procedure different? Sounds great!

                      1. re: alc

                        It definitely gives you the centerpiece aspect that sometimes is lacking in the vegetarian thanksgiving (carnivores, of course, have the turkey). It's truly impressive.

                        1. re: IndyGirl

                          Wow again.
                          I usually do a pumpkin soup. May have to try this instead.

                          I usually do riffs on "traditional Thanksgiving". Pumpkin soup. A pie stuffed with leeks and potatoes. Cranberry/apple crumble for dessert.

                          This thread has given me some awesome new ideas!

                  1. Stuffing with Tofu . Gravy. Mashed potatoes both yellow and sweet. Cranberry sauce. Green peas. Pumpkin pie. Squash dish.
                    Not so original but my favorite.

                    1. Also, let's not forget about nutloaf:


                      I made this with the Gourmet roasted garlic gravy and mashed potatoes and we just LOVED it. And the leftovers were great. I know it sounds weird, but just trust me. Fabulous.

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                      1. re: IndyGirl

                        That looks very good. I'm always looking for good veggie protein dishes- for Thanksgiving and beyond.

                      2. My parents would only have one thing with meat, the turkey/gravy everything else was veg friendly:

                        First course- fruit cup with sorbet or antipasto platter or butternut squash soup
                        Pasta course- vegetable lasagne with red sauce or manicotti or cheese ravioli or stuffed shells
                        Main course- (turkey/gravy) mushroom stuffing, mashed rutabaga, creamed pearl onions, steamed red cabbage, creamed spinach, corn, mashed potato, cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole (not with marshmallows) gelatin salad (technically not veg but the vegetarians ate it anyway.), sometimes there were other vegetables too.