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Oct 2, 2012 12:25 AM

Topsfield Fair 2012- Any new or interesting eats??

Usually every year a thread comes up for the Topsfield Fair, but didnt see one this year. Is that because it's the same old same old? Or is there anything new or any old faves that people want to recommend?

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  1. got to the fair but it closed early so i didnt get to eat anything but saw some new things..The theme is "its all about the food" this year and it looked like a lot more vendors than usual.. Saw new things like more seafood, lobster rolls, fried clamss, swordfish etc..also saw new trends like frozen yogurt and a lot more fried craziness like Deep Fried Koolaid.. trying to figure out how they do that! Did anyone try any of the seafood? Or is noonoe even going this year? Did notice that the sand sculpture, with the food theme, had two senior citizens with coffee and donuts surrounded by food inc cupcakes and tacos.. Nice sculpture but oddly not what i usually think of as fair food..

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    1. re: chompie

      So far it has been a terrible weather year for the fair so none of us will be attending. Sorry I will miss the Deep Fried Koolaid. Was there really such a thing or are you kidding us?

      1. re: marilu

        This question can be answered very, very easily by a simple Google search.

        1. re: FinnFPM

          Where is the info about food on the website? I just did a search and I didn't see any listings that identified the vendors.

          1. re: gracenote

            Finn is letting marilu know about being able to find deep fried Kool-Aid in a google search.

      2. re: chompie

        I saw fried kool-aid at The Big E, and it was just kool-aid flavored fried dough batter.

        1. re: rknrll

          Gee thanks, I know I can google it, but sometimes it's better to hear from someone who actually saw it or was daring enough to try it.

      3. I know I can google it, but sometimes hearing it from someone who actually saw it or tried it is better. Thanks.