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Oct 2, 2012 12:06 AM

mid nov week long trip hitting stuff i havnt in 4 trips before whats missing.

K I have so far skipped over lotus of siam and tacos el gordo, those I will make sure to hit. I will also probably do the lobster pot pie at nobhill, which I have hit several times and loved the food, the apps were bigger than expected, and the bar eatting is great! never had the pot pie tho. try their signature drink its like a dessert practically. Might hit la'telier again for seasonal or get a few picks off the small plates menu. Will def hit wolfgangs in mgm up cause the bread alone is worth it and its like super value awesome food, have had the burger(awesome get extra onion marmalade) and steak sandwich , the meatloaf(wrapped in pancetta or bacaon?) and pizzas all look amazing and its open late. Fiamma a few times over for the short ribs and calamari and public house had GR8 bar food devils on horseback and burger/fries and the farm egg. seablue sucked ass for their happy hour menu. Pearl had a great tasting menu soup general tsos, lobster, beef, and a awesome pastry dessert. maybe milos for lunch but its so stuffy for the cosmo, at least you can chill out in the lounge and play pool and eat some nice greazy pizza at night. so thats kinda summary of stuff ive it in the last few trips any reccomendations besides the los/elgordo hehe.

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  1. I'd skip Tacos El Gordo, was not impressed at all.

    Hit up Tiffany's Cafe after a night of partying. I usually get the 1/2# Tiffany burger, or the Western Omelette depending how early in the morning it is IE; midnight to say 2am gets the burger 2am-5am gets the Western.

    The Four Kegs for pizza, and strombolis. After midnight they are half price. Featured on diners drive ins and dives.

    Paymon's for Mediterranean

    Namaste for Goa region Indian fare. Tell Melque the owner Walt sent ya.

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      I heard some chainish place in like palazzo or venetian that had awesome chicken and waffles like a cheesecake factory offshoot every tried that?

    2. Some ideas:

      Bar Forte on South Rainbow for Eastern European. Nice place to hang out and eat heavy or light.

      Raku for upscale Japanese or Monta for Ramen in the same strip mall on Spring Mountain.

      Bejing Noodle Cafe on Flamingo and Sandhill for great hand-pulled/cut noodles and wontons.

      Settebello in Henderson for thin-crust pizzas and salads.

      Chada Thai (dinner only and open until 3:00 a.m.) for Thai, with many southern Thai specialties, opening tonight!

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        what about noodle shop number 9 in ceasers? where you watch em pull em? ive seen good stuff but is it the same for any taker or just when food writers show up there
        and the new thai place from the old som at los is up and running now? maybe los is good to go to and avoid the rush of new people to new place?

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          The husband of the married couple that owns Bejing Noodle Cafe was evidently the original head noodle-maker at Number 9 in Caesars, but I believe he is at the Wynn now. I've actually never eaten at Number 9 but evidently you can do well if you order properly, but Bejing Noodle will be half the price and probably better.

          Yes, Chada is up and running (see other thread about it). IChada is a small place, so I doubt if it will have any impact on LOS. If you are worried, you can always make a reservation at Lotus. On my recent trip, I had dinner at LOS four times and a Monday night actually had a bigger crowd than Saturday, so it's a little unpredictable.