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Oct 1, 2012 11:37 PM

Wild vs Raised (aka Atlantic) Salmon

The evidence seems to grow, alas, rather than diminish, on the negative ecological effects raised salmon have on the environment and on wild salmon, since apparently salmon-raising is done adjacent to the waters wild salmon traverse.

I realize everyone must make his/her decision on whether sybaritic pleasures trump other issues; I just hope those who have been choosing to ignore this problem take the time to read sources such as Monterey Bay Aquarium or the magazine "Eating Well"--to name only two--on the urgency of this particular matter.

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  1. I've eaten wild salmon for so long I no longer enjoy the taste/texture of farmed salmon. I'll eat farmed salmon if it's being served for dinner by someone, but other than that I keep my distance.

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    1. re: olyolyy

      I feel about the same. However, unless it's Scottish, I am much less a fan of "Atlantic," farm, or wild, than Wild Alaskan salmon.

      Maybe it's just my tastes?


    2. I've eaten Wild Alaska King/preferably white all my in the Pacific Northwest, for most of it.
      I will not eat farm raised no matter who prepares it. The taste is completely different and I'd rather go without.

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      1. re: latindancer

        I agree, regarding the taste. Same goes for Atlantic, though "Scottish" Atlantic Salmon does come closer. My palate leans heavily to fresh Pacific wild.

        The flavors and textures are different - sort of like Gulf Blue Crabs vs Chesapeake Bay Crabs.


      2. Yeah, I feel the same way as everyone else. I prefer the truly Wild Alaskan stuff. I'm not a fan of the ecological/geopolitical aspects of the farmed stuff, but I have to admit if it tasted better, I wouldn't care about the other aspects and I'd probably eat it.

        It should be noted that "Atlantic" does not refer to where it comes from. In virtually every case, at least in the US, if it says Atlantic, it just means it's farm-raised, even if it comes from pens on the West Coast.

        1. How do you know if you're eating wild salmon or farm raised salmon?

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          1. re: nuraman00

            They are completely different fish IMO

            1. re: nuraman00

              If you've had both, you would know.

              It's like asking how you would know the difference between Tang and fresh squeezed orange juice.

              You would know. Trust me, you would know.

              Nothing wrong with Tang, per se, but it's not orange juice - fresh squeezed or otherwise.

              1. re: nuraman00

                The grocery store or fish market should indicate farm-raised or wild-caught. If in doubt, ask.

                1. re: Gizmo56

                  you'd also know if you paid for it. Wild caught is usually much more expensive

                  1. re: splatgirl

                    In my case, that is usually true. However, I have had some, that was not (by my palate), what was claimed. That, unfortunately, goes for much of the protein, that is sold. A side-note to all butchers, or fish-mongers - honesty is the best policy!


                2. re: nuraman00

                  Well, first I read the "details," but then rely on my palate. I have never failed to nail the "sea-of-origin."

                  Maybe I have been fortunate to have a reliable fish-monger for my salmon?


                  1. re: Bill Hunt

                    Who also has an honest,careful broker.The fish-monger isn't always at fault.

                3. Have any of you had wild smoked salmon vs farmed? Supposedly farmed tastes better. I've had both, and I have to admit, I do like the texture of farmed more. The wild salmon seems to fall apart more. I buy Ducktrap brand which are very highly rated, and compared their wild to their farmed.

                  I don't mind Scottish or Norwegian farmed salmon, but I won't eat it from anywhere else.

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                  1. re: Tudor_rose

                    Ducktrap makes a wonderful smoke roasted salmon to which I became very attached. The Hannaford supermarkets stopped carrying it about two years ago and now aren't even able to special order it for me anymore. I believe it was wild-caught but can't be 100% certain. Very tasty stuff indeed!