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Oct 1, 2012 10:21 PM

wolf brand canned chili

Where can I buy some Wolf's canned chili. I mean local stores like Safeway, not Kmart or Walmart. (In the east bay area)

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  1. I saw some at a Grocery Outlet recently. Can't remember which one.

    1. They had a ton of it at the Berkeley GO 2-3 months ago: regular and no beans. It was pretty good as canned chilis go, but high in sodium. According to threads elsewhere on this site, they are using some preservative that is also an ingredient in household cleaners! It tasted good though!

      Not to worry about missing out on GO. I think they are trying to go national. I saw an ad during primetime on Channel 11 last night.

      1. On sale this $5 Friday at Safeway for 5 for $5 according to my ad. I was informed the North Berkeley special might be different from your local so check.