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Oct 1, 2012 09:52 PM

Cha Cafe ( El Monte)

When it's a chilly 101 outside the body yearns for Hawaiian shave ice, even the faux kind. And Cha Cafe has pretty decent fake Hawaiian shave ice.

It also has a pretty good plate of pastrami cheese fries that pales only in comparison to the Mt Vesuvius glop you get at The Hat.

Pumpkin fries are tasty, especially paired with the wanna-be Thousand Island dipping sauce that comes with it (basically Sriracha and mayo, 'natch).

I would skip the Banh Mi sandwiches. There are, after all, limits to how much faux food the human body can take in one sitting.

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  1. Yeah, but I miss the Philadelphia cheesesteak potstickers and the other oddities I posted about last year, and which they swept off the menu. I believe this was one of the featured locales in the Fung Bros. 626 music video, so the crowds should be pretty thick late at night.

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    1. is fake hawaiian shave ice a) served by fake hawaiians b) made with fake ice or c) not really shaved?

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        1. Isn't Avalanche serving "real" Hawaiian shaved ice?