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Oct 1, 2012 08:05 PM

Mexican/Latin caterer in Montreal

I am trying to find a full service Mexican/Latin caterer for a small birthday party (20-30 guests). The party is too small for Grunman 78 to do. Any thoughts would be appreciated

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  1. Le Petit Coin du Mexique does catering, and I really like their food.

    2489 Rue Jean Talon Est, Montreal, QC H2E 1W3
    Phone: (514) 374-7448

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    1. re: kpzoo

      Thanks, I will go have a look.

      1. Cafe Cantina - 1880 Centre St in the Point (cross street Shearer). Small resto but I believe they do catering, their food is great.

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        1. re: mikjomom44

          Picked up some dinner after seeing this thread and you're right. This little place is great! Got one carnita, one chicken burrito and a side of guac to go. They made the guac fresh to order which really impressed me. Dinner was a hit and we're going to try to eat there next time. (full bar but hours are limited, only open till 4, except thurs-fri till 9)

          1. re: causeimhungry

            Glad you liked it! Too bad about their limited hours, dragged my teenaged sons there for dinner one Saturday night after telling them how much they'd love it, only to find it closed. Thanks for posting their closing times.

            1. re: mikjomom44

              When I was there, I overheard them discussing whether or not to stay open Saturdays now that the warm weather is gone. So be sure to call ahead!

        2. You might want to try Empanadas on St. John's Road in Dollard des Ormeaux.