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Oct 1, 2012 06:31 PM

Addicting Snack/No-bake treats.. to Ship

With the holiday seasons approaching (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and December holidays), I would like to know what snack-mixes and no-bakes you would recommend shipping to relatives, friends, etc.

I end up baking a lot--but besides the usual cookies.. I want to diversify the package.

(Besides Puppy Chow and 'Chex' mix..)

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  1. I really love to make bark for Christmas! I do white chocolate with dried cranberries/almonds, or chocolate with crushed candycane, or you can do any candy for the holiday, and a white or chocolate base. Even swirl patterns. My sis in law does homemade flavored nuts, and chocolate dipped hard buttery pretzels, fudge(get creative). Homemade hot cocoa mix.

    1. I used to ship treats cross-country to family every year. Spiced nuts and homemade granola were both well received, and keep well without staling. The varieties and flavors are limited only by your imagination (and pocketbook!).

      If you are up for candy making, caramels are definitely a winner. I use the (very easy) recipe from How to Cook Everything, and do both the plain and chocolate variations, and always get raves. They're even better using Lyle's golden syrup instead of the corn syrup.

      This is the recipe:

      1. Chocolate dipped candy canes / peppermint sticks
        Pretzel rods dipped in caramel, chocolate, nuts, candy, sprinkles, etc.
        Coffee spoons -- plastic spoons dipped in chocolate with drizzles of caramel, icing, etc.
        Butter pretzels -- pretzels mixed with butter flavored popcorn oil, ranch dressing powder, garlic, and dill. The oil and seasonings sink in and make the pretzels rich and flavorful. They are too trashy to be so good!
        Rice Krispie treats -- cut with seasonal cookie cutters, dipped in chocolate, sprinkles, etc.

        1. There are several threads about variations on rice krispie treats. Over the summer, it occurred to me to add Trader Joe's freeze-dried banana to the standard RKT, and I loved the results. As you eat it, you get the occasional burst of intense banana flavor. I also liked them with freeze-dried pineapple and am going to try a carrot cake RKT: f/d pineapple, dried carrot flakes, golden raisins, and coconut, plus a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg. TJ's has various f/d fruits, all of which would be usable in RKTs.

          1. Candied ginger/grapefruit (orange/lemon) peel, dipped in chocolate (or not)