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Oct 1, 2012 05:50 PM

where to buy fresh / live seafood?

I am looking for a market/place to buy some really fresh seafood. If it offers live seafood, that's even better but no necessary. The only place I know to get live seafood is those market at Chinatown. There is also Legal seafood market in Chestnut Hill but it can't beat the live seafood at Chinatown, not to mention the price at Legal is pretty high. There is also fresh seafood at H-mart in Burlington but it's too far from Brookline, where I live. Besides, it still can't beat the live seafood at Chinatown, in term of freshness. Is there some where else which I can buy fresh seafood? Thanks.

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  1. You might want to explore a Cape Ann fish share. You pick up your fish the same day it is caught. Very often the fish is still in rigor when you get it home.

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      Seconded -- a fish share is definitely the best option for those looking for fresh stuff. Doesn't get any fresher unless you catch it and eat it on your own boat. Trust the professionals.

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        I completely agree - it is a great resource for the Boston area

      2. Not live but the freshest seafood around is at New Deal in my experience. East Cambridge if that's not too far afield for you.

        1. Cyndi the Fishlady is at the Brookline farmer's market on Thursdays. Once the market ends, she'll be selling out of When Pigs Fly bakery Tuesday afternoons.

          1. Hi chow_how, you might want to try Super 88 in Allston. It's not as nice as H-Mart, and be prepared for the entryway to smell like a Dumpster, but they have fresh seafood, including live stuff. It sounds like it might be a lot closer to you than other options, and easier to plan around than a fish share (delightful as those are).

            1. I'd suggest you try Happy Family in CTown. It' down a few steps and few steps from Best Little Restaurant. I find th quality to be better than CMart.

              Key West shrimp in addition to Asian; Lvie Maine uni in scallops, oysters, several vrieties of clams; as well a finfish.. fsrmed striped bass and more.

              Outside CTown, Im a fan of New Deal on a close coin toss with Courthouse; few blocks apart in E cambridge. Both are excellent. ND probably has a larger amount of wht people would call "sushi grade" CH has great fish and can cook it for you at their next door reestauranat.

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                9lives, I just put a note to go to Happy Family on my bathroom mirror. Thanks for the reminder. I wanted to try it the last time you mentioned it and it slipped out of my memory banks. Now I'm going to make a special trip.