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Oct 1, 2012 05:10 PM

Real Soy Sauce in YYC?

At home (Virginia, USA), I would buy regionally-made soy sauce. It was fermented in bourbon barrels. It was SO good. All I have found here is the fake stuff -- with MSG and other preservatives and often not actually fermented.

Has anyone found realllllly awesome soy sauce in Calgary?

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  1. Braggs is widely available and contains no preservatives. They take pride in the fact that it is not fermented.

    Tamari type soys are also widely available. I do not know if any are fermented but they typically contain some alcohol and no other preservatives.

    Go to Arirang Oriental Food Store, it is a Japanese-Korean store with a wide variety of products not available elsewhere in Calgary (to my knowledge anyway). While you are there grab some buldak from Olive Chicken in the same strip mall. It's fantastic.

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      You could also try Kecap Manis, a sweet soy available at T&T. And upon second reading of your post, I expect you'll not find a bourbon flavoured soy anywhere but back home. Why not find a soy you like and put in some bourbon?

    2. Girlfoody, go to Community Natural Foods and ask for Nama Shoyu. It is naturally fermented and aged for two years. All ingedients are organic. It is not regional since it's made in Japan, but it is hands down the best soya sauce I've ever eaten. I've been using it for about 20 years. If they don't have it, there are other natural types of soya sauce at Community Natural Foods.

      Also try Planet Organic Foods.

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        Great suggestion. This product sounds amazing and I shall be trying this Nama Shoyu immediately

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          Are you referring to the Ohsawa brand? Nama Shoyu just means "raw soy sauce".

        2. All soy sauce contains MSG as a natural by product of its production- google it.