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Oct 1, 2012 05:00 PM

What types of seafood is fresh now?

Coming To Boston Thursday for 5 nights. We live in SF and want to experience the best seafood we can in Boston, especially what we can't find on west Coast, no salmon please. Lobster is obvious, is this time of year going to offer something we should be on the look out for. What fish and shellfish are best in the fall? Anything that is only available in October? Thanks, can't wait to get there. My only regret is we are too late to attend a Red Sox game. I only have 8 ballparks I have not been to and Fenway is one of them. Some day!

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  1. The recreational scallop season begins at various points during October, depending on municipality, but the commercial bay scallop season (the Nantucket bay scallop being commonly considered the glory of local shellfish) usually doesn't get underway until later in the fall. But oysters should be quite fine. Bluefish season is over in late September, IIRC. Maine shrimp season doesn't start until January (a local delicacy).; municipal regulations are often more strict....

    The bottom line is that the Gulf of Maine, once among the very greatest of fisheries in the world due to its unusual qualities, is a long way from recovering from its collapse.

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      Family permits for scalloping are in force now. Full commercial permits start Nov. 1. My local fish monger had Cape Cod Bays on Oct. 15th last year. I'm counting down the days. Sadly, the OP is arriving just a bit too soon to try these delicacies.

      But there are plenty of local species that should be very fresh as long as he/she are in a better establishment. Local Cod, haddock, flounder, sole, swordfish and sea scallops are all plentiful and should be off the boat only a day or so before they reach the plate. Also shellfish like oysters, cherrystones and littlenecks. I'd recommend soft shelled steamer clams if they see them as well.

      1. re: CapeCodGuy

        I've enjoyed local cod, haddock, etc. from my CAFC share, but which restaurants are known to serve this local fish? And what about Court House Seafood and other fish mongers that serve cooked seafood?

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          Like Fresh Pond Seafood in Arlington?

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            I would try either B & G Oysters who do a yummy halibut or Island Creek Oyster Bar for local seafood dishes. Even Legal Harborside for an out of towner is a worthy consideration.

      2. Local tuna is at it's best n Oct..higher fat content. The "giant tourneys" take place in Oct, usually.