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Oct 1, 2012 04:29 PM

dennis area great seafood restaurant/market

Friends from England have one night with us on the Cape mid October...and it's a monday night when so many restaurants are closed! Seeking seafood market recommendations where I can get great stuff to cook or recommendations for a solid place for us to go to dinner (mid-cape) on Monday night. A recommendation for a good clam pie would also help!

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  1. Tough timing, especially the Monday part in the off-season. For a market, the best bar none, is Joe's Fish and Lobster on the canal in Sandwich, just over the Sagamore Bridge. Closer to home is Chatham Fish and Lobster at Ring Brother's Market across from Stop and Shop on Rte 134 in So. Dennis which is also quite good.

    My usual seafood restaurant recs are all closed on a Monday night, but I believe Brewster Fish House on 6A is open. (call to make sure) It was once a premier mid-Cape spot. It suffered greatly when the head chef left two years ago to open her own place, Fin in Dennis Village. Recent reports show it has probably returned to form (many recent 4 and 5 star reviews on Yelp) Worth a visit I think.

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      Would Marion's Pie Shop have the clam pie I wonder (Chatham)...

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        That's a great thought. Worth the call.

        Centerville Pie Shop on 28 often has them too, but I'm not a huge fan of their "famous" chicken pie. Never tried the clam pie though. I've also seen them frozen at Peterson's Market in Yarmouthport.

    2. Thanks for the suggestions....having done some research on open restaurants, I've come up with Chapins, Clancy's and The Oyster Company (and maybe Cape Sea Grille)....thoughts?

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        Definite NO on Clancy's. Chapin's honestly isn't much better, but okay if you just want a piece of broiled fish. Oyster Co. gets good and lousy reviews which makes me think there's a consistency problem. Cape Sea Grille generally gets favorable review except my brother who is visiting from Florida ate there last week and said it was horrible. Sorry to be such a downer. Is Brewster Fish House closed?

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          What was horrible about Sea Grille? I would love to go back soon.

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            He was one of a party of three. One ordered a steak med. rare and it was cooked med. well. Another had scallops which were also overcooked. He said he ordered a fish dish and there was just too much going on in the dish. I don't recall specifics but he said there were just too many incongruous flavors at work as if the chef was trying too hard. He said the various spices/sauces/sides clashed rather than complement each other. I trust his judgement implicitly as he owns a well known high end restaurant in Florida.

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            website says dinner tuesday thru sunday...rats!

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              Is sushi and Japanese an option? Inaho in Yarmouthport is open Mondays and it's terrific.

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                  Ok. Mondays are tough so if it were me I'd probably end up at The Dolphin in Barnstable Village. It's not the best Mid-Cape restaurant, but is one I'm comfortable recommending for fresh seafood on a Monday night off season. The room is nice in an antique building. Service is usually quite good. The food is generally good to excellent, especially the seafood options. Pretty typical New England fare. They have a menu on-line so you can see if its what you have in mind.

        2. I think that Land Ho! in Harwich Port has a clam pie.