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Oct 1, 2012 04:21 PM

Great casual breakfast/brunch spots in South Austin after a run at the lake?

Evening all,

A bit of a specialized request, but eager for any thoughts. One of my best friends and I have transitioned from Sunday brunch nicely dressed to a morning run at the lake followed by a meal- still in our running gear.

Week 1 we hit Zocalo- good as it always is. And weeks 2 and 3 we went to Bouldin Creek coffee house and Polvo's- my first time to both places, and I was very impressed overall.

In driving around that part of town I am seeing tons of little casual places- and I look forward to exploring more of them. Grateful for any thoughts on what to try or to avoid. Only caveat is that we will be in running gear- so places like Vespaio and Condesa are out.

Foodwise- it can be anything. We will eat just about anything as long as it's good!

Many thanks for any ideas!

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  1. Taco Deli on Spyglass or Maria's on SoLa are tasty choices that would be running wear tolerant.

    1. Habanero Cafe near South First on Oltorf.

      1. Thank you both! Appreciate the feedback. This gives us 3 places to try in the near future. I have not been to any of them- but have heard good things about Taco Deli and Habanero.

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          Elizabeth Street Cafe is also great for breakfast, get iced Vietnamese coffee and the breakfast bahn mi with pork belly.

        2. The original comment has been removed