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Oct 1, 2012 04:06 PM

Decent Lunch near Newseum?

Meeting my parents in DC for the weekend and visiting the Newseum on Friday morning.
Where can we have lunch that is reasonably priced and not just a sandwich/salad chain?
They are in their 70's and well traveled and in good health.
We're doing Jaleo for dinner Thursday and Acadiana with a large group on Friday.
We're staying in Penn Quarter so heading back in that direction is fine.

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  1. the suggestions in a recent thread asking about an early dinner apply.


      Central is wonderful - check out their menu. Only you can judge whether or not it's "reasonably priced". Also, Central for lunch and Acadiana for dinner might be a bit much in one day. The last time I checked, Central was only open for lunch during the week - not weekends.

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        Second Central. Also Cedar with the same caveats about "reasonably priced." Considering the quality of the food, I think they're both reasonable, albeit definitely not cheap.

      2. Not that far from the Newseum is Central. I think their lunch menu is great and there is a lot of variety there so you can go the gourmet burger/sandwich direction or get roast chicken etc.

        1. If casual and counter service appeals to you, consider Teasim at 8th & D Sts NW. I can't recommend it just because I haven't been there in a long time but from what I recall I would consider it.

          1. Would you consider Wolfgang Puck's The Source? Maybe too fancy? It is on the same block as the Newseum. With the three course prix fixe lunch, Newseum entrance is $10.

            I adore the suggested Central...but it is a bit of a hike from the Newseum. A little closer might be Fiola.

            Teaism is counter service place, so might be more casual than desired? Their bento boxes are delish, as is the Ochazuke with Salmon (green tea soup)...and the salty oatmeal cookies.