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Oct 1, 2012 03:54 PM

Anemic Hash Browns - !

Has anyone else encountered pale, floppy hash browns lately in restaurants? I have recently ordered them in two popular, upscale diner-y type restaurants and received very disappointing piles of barely colored shreds. What's up with that? Where did crispy brown exteriors get gone to?

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  1. This has been a constant pain in my donkey!!!! It appears that if I want GOOD hash browns I have to make them at home. Most places don't even season them properly if at all.

    1. As a former fry cook I learned to hate making hash browns because they take a lot of time to get right, take up a lot of griddle space, and, once at their peak, get dry and tough quickly. You can't rush them. I love making them at home. Also, if you have ever had dinner at a Palm, they "get" hash browns. nY strip rare, hash browns, creamed spinach, and a double martini...mmmmm. Hash browns are definitely not just breakfast food!

      1. the same thing is true with toast these days. Its like they wave the bread at the toaster or something and call it done. I order both HB and toast well done and hope for the best.

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          I have the exact opposite experience. I always order my English muffin "lightly toasted" and 50% of the time, I am brought a charcoal briquette that was once an English muffin.

        2. In my hash brown days, I took to ordering them "well done", because I kept getting piles of pale potatoes and undercooked onions. Blurgh.

          Now I order grilled tomatoes. It confounds them, but they're hard to mess up.

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            I ordered them well done once, and what i got was a wad of hash browns that somebody had squished together (stil had the finger marks on it) and thrown in a deep fryer for a couple of minutes.