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Help me pick a steakhouse

Need assistance in picking a steakhouse for 5 coworkers coming to NYC next week.
I don't like the old school places with the grumpy overaged waiters that rush you all the time like Lugers (although steak is great) and wollensky.
I've been several time to BLT prime, liked it but I think it's down the hill.
So - any good place with modern decor, good meat and service ?

Thanks to all repliers.

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        1. re: TEACHnEAT

          Wolfgangs is the Peter Lugers Steak without the attitude.

        2. Strip House is great. Vibe is very rat pack. Del Frisco may have more of the atmosphere you're looking for and their steak is very good.

          1. 2'nd for Wolfgang's Park Ave.

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            1. re: Duppie

              Third for Wolfgang's...in general.
              Another to consider: Club A Steakhouse. Fantastic!

              1. re: LeahBaila

                I see Yelp loving Club A but I thought it was mostly due to the generous 30% off hours it keeps at Savored.

                1. re: OverseasEater

                  Nope. At least, not in my case. I went there sans Savored and really enjoyed it. All-around solid place.

                  1. re: LeahBaila

                    I would vote no on Club A - we went (because of Savored) and the meal was very so-so. The bacon was AWESOME, but the steak and sides were very meh. I would go back for a triple order of the bacon, though!

                    1. re: biondanonima

                      Really? Ugh, what a bummer. I'm sorry - and surprised - to hear that.
                      But the bacon................! Is it not the best??

              2. Strip House, Wolfgang's, Del frisco's have already been mentioned. I will add Sparks, Post House and Benjamin's. if you don't like gruffy old male waiters, then buxom females at Del Frisco maybe more to your liking.

                1. Depends what your are looking for. I think Wolfgangs has the best steak in NYC. None of their locations have much of a fun vibe but the steak is the best in NYC. If you are looking for a chain Del Frisco and Capital Grill are good - nothing amazing but solid choices and you know what to expect. I quit going to Morton's many years ago b/c the space was so dated.

                  If you want a fun trendy scene with lots of beautiful people, try STK or Abe & Arhur's in meatpacking district. Steak is not all that good but if you are looking for a cool scene and don't care about the quality of steak, the are fun places.

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                  1. re: downtown1234

                    Thanks to all so far.
                    It seems that Wolfgang wins over strip house in a close call.
                    BTW - how is porter house in time Warner building ? I've been there some 5 years back and it pretty good and vibrant ?

                    1. re: icorem

                      Very much like Porterhouse in TWC. Great views of CP, good steaks, certainly not the gruff steak house atmosphere. Worth another try for sure.
                      There should be more Steakhouse with beautiful waitresses, maybe a hooters type wait staff with Luger quality steaks. Now that would be a great combination.

                      1. re: princeofpork3

                        "...a hooters type wait staff with Luger quality steaks."


                      2. re: icorem

                        Porter House would fit your criteria - it's great. I personally love the old-school grumpy waiter type NY steakhouse though, like Keen's/Old Homestead/Uncle Jack's etc.

                        1. re: icorem

                          I ate at Porter House earlier this year and was thoroughly underwhelmed. The room is nice but it didn't have the energy of Del Frisco and I didn't think the steak was nearly as good as Wolfgang's. Food was better than the trendy steakhouses like STK and Abe and Arthur's but I I doubt I would return.

                          1. re: downtown1234

                            Del Frisco has consistenly dissapointed me. Yes there is energy but slighlt overwhelming. Its like eating in the middle of Grand Central station. Also the steaks have never been cooked properly. Dont tell me to cut my steak in half and then put it cut side down on the plate to cook it more when I tell you the steak is not properly done. The onion rings are awesome.

                            1. re: princeofpork3

                              They ha the audacity to tell you to use the plate to cook you meat more? Sounds like one to avoid!

                        1. It sounds like you are looking for a place like Quality Meats. Good atmosphere, more modern than most steakhouses, and the steak is still quite good. Designed by AvroKo - the same designers of Hurricane Club, Park Avenue, Beauty and Essex, and Lavo.

                          I personally prefer places like Wolfgang's... but it is definitely one of those places with grumpy waiters a la Luger.

                          Also, haven't been to Strip House since it was sold to BR Guest. I remember it fitting the bill, but would be concerned about a decline in quality.

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                          1. re: Rizzobert

                            Thanks Rizzobert
                            I've been to quality meats some 3 years ago and though the meat was good, we felt like being rushed to finish our meal all the time so I don't recall it as a pleasant evening.
                            I'm actually going with a gut feeling towards strip house this time.