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Oct 1, 2012 02:08 PM

Brunch on Sunday

Any new suggestions for brunch either upper west or east side? Want to take visitors and I usually am downtown. Thanks!

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    1. Popover Cafe at 87th and Amsterdam. Huge popovers served with all breakfast entres. Very good standard breakfast fare as well as some unique selections.

      1. I recently had a fantastic brunch at Neely's BBQ Parlor, where I found the best biscuit (that I've had) in NYC. By no means did I eat "healthy", but my friends did (egg-white omelets).


        1. On the UWS, Arte Cafe and Calle Ocho are popular for their boozy brunches. And while Sarabeth's gets some of the longest lines, the only place I'm willing to wait is the unsurpassed appetizing at Barney Greengrass.

          On the East Side, Lavo hosts a bacchanalian brunch where socializing and sipping champagne take precedence over actual eating. I would personally be happier in the back garden of Jones Wood Foundry or the brunch at Park Avenue Summer for something more indulgent. Cafe D'Alsace is also worth considering.

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            Thank you so much! Great suggestions for us. I used to go to Park Ave restaurant and always had a good time. Sarabeth was always a personal favorite. I will check out the others.