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Oct 1, 2012 02:05 PM

Caterers in San Francisco

Hi Everyone--

I live in NYC and the non-profit I work for is throwing a party in the Bay Area. We've asked a few contacts for help recommending caterers. Here's the problem--neither of the recommendations I've received are not showing up on Google!

Does anyone have contact info for either:

Metropolitan Caterers in Palo Alto or Georgia's Table in SF (I assume)

Normally I would just ask the recommending party for the contact info, but one person is the very wealthy and busy man who is hosting the party and the other is a friend of the CEO...not really people I'm on email terms with...especially to go back and say I can't find their people!

I can't believe my googling skills are letting me down! What's a 21st century girl to do??

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  1. Never heard of either but there are a number of threads on these boards that recommend caterers.
    You could search here for other suggestions

    1. mdj,
      It might help if you gave a more specific location, an indication of what kind of food you prefer, and budget (at least a ballpark like "low" or "sky's the limit"

      1. I don't know their contact information, but if your two choices are to contact the rich guy or pick another caterer, then by all means contact the rich guy, or the friend of the CEO, whichever is easier. It would be very embarrassing to pick another caterer simply because you couldn't find the contact info. If, as often happens in the Bay, the wealthy busy guy is in the habit of throwing catered valeted parties, it's possible that this is his regular caterer, so you definitely want to be sure. Just ask. Don't worry, you will not have to commit seppuku over this.

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          Thanks, dunstable! question wasn't really asking for catering suggestions which I could sleuth myself. I was hoping to find the contact info for these specific caterers...

          1. re: megdujour

            Both of these men have personal assistants who handle things like this as part of their jobs. I would contact both of them, by phone if possible, and tell them the truth that you can't find either caterer. Possibly both men gave you incorrect names - maybe a bit off.

            Obviously they both want this to be a successful event and their offices should be more than happy to help you.

            Let us know what happened and the correct names of the SF area caterers.

            Good Luck.