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Oct 1, 2012 12:57 PM

lightning round dinner before Merriam on Wednesday

We have a concert at Merriam on Wednesday and are going to be rushing like lunatics to make it in time, so we'll have maybe 10-15 minutes to scarf down dinner. Are there any compelling options in the area? I'd like to just park once for both time & cost, and am not knowledgable about the quick bites in the area. It's Ben Harper so we won't be dressed up (or afraid of making a mess of ourselves).

Thanks for any ideas anyone may have!

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  1. You can always go to the food court in the Bellevue. Not a great option but its quick, close to the theater, and everyone can get what they want.

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    1. 10-15 mins. is tight, even for fast eats. But Le Pain Quotidien is close. Mexico on the Square or Chipotle also options.

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        Le Pan Quotidien is close, but they're not fast, in my experience. There's a Pizza place on Locust between Broad & 13th where you could get a couple of slices - that should be quick.

      2. thanks everybody. this is exactly what i was looking for!