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Oct 1, 2012 11:58 AM

Hot Pepper Jelly

Hot Pepper Jelly
Hi Hounds!

I've got a big bag of whole mixed chilis in my freezer, about 6-8 cups worth. Anyone got a good recipe for pepper jelly? Can I process them as is, or do they have to be de-seeded?

Thanks all!


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  1. I put them stemmed but whole into the food processor and zizz until finely chopped. I use Pomona pectin which allows for the use of less sugar than other pectin products. Their "recipe" is on their website. I use about 90% hot peppers vs. some or most recipes that call for mostly bell peppers and just a some hot. I like it spicy. In any case, every recipe I've seen is basically peppers, vinegar, sugar and pectin.

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      i like splatgirl's idea. when i made mine i used far more red jalapeƱos than red bells. (i didn't use any green bells, but next time i would, as they add a different edge). it was easy, delicious and made great gifts, too. use the recipe for the pectin you buy. i think i used certo.

    2. I have been working on my ultimate recipe for years, and so far like red poblanos, simmered in white cranberry juice, then strained, for a jelly rather than a jam. I like some heat, and I have grown Ancho San Louis, Ancho Villa, Ancho 101, Ancho San Martin, Ancho Ventura, Ancho Arlo (doesn't sound right; might be shorthand) before growing Tiburon.and I am still working on the right pectin. I have used liquid pectin for a few years, but this year I will try pomona. I will link some of the ideas I am using this year.

      1. This is totally basic, but made me some really tasty jelly. The step by step really helped, as I was a jelly newbie.