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Oct 1, 2012 11:29 AM

Walk-In as a big group early

Looking for a place in SF for a group of say 6-10 people on saturday 10/6
reservations would be great
but i know this late in the game and for a group this big, it's improbable
we have no problem getting to the restaurant when it first opens and trying to get a big walk-in table

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  1. I would try Wexler's or any in the Financial District which tends to be quiet on weekends. I really enjoy the food at Wexler's (smoked everything but not bbq per se) and feel the service is more relaxed on a Saturday. They're not very big but you might be able to make put something together on short notice.

    1. Opentable shows early availability at St. Vincent; and based on the following thread, I'd grab it now.

      There's also the newly remodeled E&O Trading Co. in Union Square...