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Oct 1, 2012 11:18 AM

looking for casual in Freehold, Red Bank area

Chowhounders - my boyfriend and I are looking for casual spots we can go to early Sunday evenings. We go out for a more formal dinner on Sat nite, Via45, American Hotel. etc. We tried Tommy's Coal Fired pizza this past weekend and enjoyed it. Any suggestions for something casual - ie beer/wine and appetizers? If anyone can comment on Danny's steakhouse in Red Bank I would appreciate that too.

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  1. My only experience that meets your criteria is The Downtown in Red Bank. I thought it was OK.

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      Moore's in Freehold, right near Centra State Hospital. Federici's in Freehold would be a good choice as well.

    2. Ibby's in Freehold and Red in Red Bank are two of my current favorite spots for a casual dinner.

      On Sunday nights sometimes we like to eat the 3 course bar menu meal at Bar N at Nicholas. The dress is relatively casual and $29 for a 3 course lobster dinner is a nice deal.

      1. If you do a search it has been discussed the only thing worth while at Danny's is the sushi. Stay away from the kitchen food.

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          quite a pity. 10 years ago Danny made a great steak.

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            Thanks for letting me know about Danny's. Someone had just suggested that to us and said it was good!? We don't go out for sushi because my boyfriend won't eat it - so Danny's is obviously out.

          2. Mr. Bingley I think you are being generous on the 10 year timeline for Danny’s I’m pretty sure I gave up on their steaks at least 12+ years ago. Did I ever tell you about the time I spent $964. on a dinner for two at Danny’s?

            Back on topic!! Lol
            Ok I’m not sure what your definition of casual is however not much in Red Bank or Freehold is very formal. Here is what I would rank in Red Bank from least formal to more formal as the list goes;

            Walt St. Pub. 180 Monmouth St. (interesting side note I always thought this was Wall St. Pub prior to looking up the address)
            The Globe 20East Front St.
            Brannigans 14 Warf St.
            Murphy’s 26 Broad St.
            Tommy’s Gallaria
            Dublin House 30 Monmouth
            The Downtown 10West Front
            Basil T’s 183 Riverside
            Red 3 Broad St.
            Teak 54 Monmouth St.
            Buona Sera 50 Maple Ave.

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              lol, come to think of it you're right; the last memorable meal I had there was at least 11 years ago.

              Did I mention to you the time I spent $965 on my Daughter's birthday dinner at The Melting Pot?

              1. re: jrvedivici

                Those places may be casual, but are you actually endorsing the food at a dump like Walt Street? Yuck! Places like Jamian's and Pho Le will let a beyond casual guy like me in - faded tee shirt, baseball cap, worn out flip-flops and all - without blinking and, more importantly, serve better than average food.

                1. re: MGZ

                  The poster said "Beer wine apps" she didn't say the beer had to be cold the wine had to be served in a wine glass or the apps good!!

                  I've never stepped foot inside of Jamian's but Pho I don't think serves alcohol and since the first two requests were booze I stuck to all liquor establishments. Come on it was a pretty complete list!!

                  1. re: jrvedivici

                    No booze at Pho, but that is easily remedied around the corner.

                    As to Walt Street, there is only one reason to ever enter the place - it's too late and cold to sit at the Station and wait for the train!

                    1. re: jrvedivici

                      thanks for your list jrvedivici - i appreciate your effort! Even though I didn't say the apps have to be good - I EXPECT them to be good and I respect my fellow chowhounders recommendations. So, if you'd care to narrow your list - I'm listening:-)

                      1. re: basil4me

                        Walt St. Pub It is pretty bad here but it is as casual as Red Bank get’s so it made the list

                        The Globe 20East Front St. A step up in both people and food but mostly a burger joint.

                        Brannigans 14 Warf St. Same as above except with an occasional biker theme.

                        Murphy’s 26 Broad St. Cheap prime rib / rib eye. (actually not that cheap anymore)

                        Tommy’s Gallaria You have already been

                        Dublin House 30 Monmouth Typical Irish Pub…recent renovations make it a decent place to hang

                        The Downtown 10West Front Probably the best mix of good atmosphere and edible food selections. Just had some $ .50 wings there for happy hour the other day.

                        Basil T’s 183 Riverside Beisdes Tommy’s the only other pizza joint. I think this place is overpriced but you might like it.

                        Red 3 Broad St. Getting a little more upscale/trendy. Decent enough place though good food.

                        Teak 54 Monmouth St. Same as above with Sushi and Asian flair (Monday's use to be half off everything booze and food so that is the night to hit it)

                        Buona Sera 50 Maple Ave. This is probably the most “formal” of all mentioned. How does one describe Buona Sera…….the bar is beautiful and very comfortable. The food is “good” but not great nor nearly as good as it was years ago. I would say give it a shot it might be to your liking. I would also say if your bored on a Friday or Saturday night and you and the BF like to people watch this is the spot for you!!!!!!! Lmao !!!!! You will have to go there to see what I mean!! Shhhh nobody give it away !!!

                        1. re: jrvedivici

                          You are very funny!! I should've mentioned that I had been to Buena Sera about 2 yrs ago with some girlfriends for dinner and I know what you mean!! 'nuf said. We will try The Downtown and Red 3 and report back. Thanks again - by the way- i enjoyed your write up on the Copper Canyon. We will have to give that a try one night too.

                2. what kind of food types are you into? I could write a book on this topic but if you can narrow it down I can make a few suggestions.

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                  1. re: corvette johnny

                    We like pizza (thin & crusty for my boyfriend) - of course we like Italian. He won't eat sushi so that's out but he does eat seafood & fish. We enjoy a good salad and anything that we can share with a glass of wine or a beer. If the place is a BOYB - that's just fine. Thanks!

                    1. re: basil4me

                      Basil, you and BF like pizza. Give this new place a try, it is next door to Freehold in Englishtown. Really good pizza and it is BYO. Here is a thread about it and my recent visit.


                      1. re: tom246

                        Tom, I read your post yesterday and put it on "our have to try list!" Thanks for sharing.

                        1. re: basil4me

                          Very laid back and informal. Nice place and great pizza though.

                      2. re: basil4me

                        If you guys like thin crusty pizza then you definitely need to try Federici's in Freehold. See .